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Something different pulled her, hard, this time in the opposite direction, jerking her soggy, soaking, and sandy body from beneath the earth and up against it. Through her blurred lenses, she saw the face of a man—angry green eyes, thick brows pinched in the middle, waves of dark hair soaked straight around his face. The tresses dangled well below his shoulders. 

His voice was deep, and his tone reminded her of the thorns in those wild rosebushes. 

“What the hell are you doing out here?”

Tia almost pulled away from him in favor of the pit. “What?”

His gaze roamed her face. He made no attempt to release her, and she clung to him like a cat in a tree. What the island lacked in large predators, he made up for with the way he growled out each sentence. 

“Do you even know where you are?”

“Yes,” she said. “I’m on the island of Tauati.”

Why are you here?”

“Sir, I just need help. Please.” Between the fogged glasses and the near-blindness she’d been born with in her left eye, he was slowly disappearing from sight. “If you help me to my phone over there, I’ll call my crew and get out of your hair.” 

His torso was bare. A dark blue ‘ie lavalava, a Polynesian traditional patterned wrap, was tied around his waist, clinging to thighs that felt like tree trunks. Tribal tattoos decorated his chest, shoulder, part of his neck, and created a sleeve down his arm, extending to his fingers.

“I should leave you out here to teach you a lesson.” 

It was what he said, but he tightened his hold against her. 

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  1. It was a great story. All those selfless acts of love (Tia and Sefa) was heart breaking. I did not expect for [spoiler]. I wanted to read more about her and Sefa’s story. I was captivated by the various twist within the story. Awaiting the next release, excellent read.

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