The Rules of The Game: Episode 008

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Contains bad words and sex-y scenarios. Mature (18+) audiences only.

The End

There was something about husband sex.

Sommer couldn’t explain it, but there’d been something different about the way Austin felt moving inside her ever since the first night of their honeymoon even though they’d had a one-year-old by the time they’d gotten married. She’d assumed that, by now, things would have changed—and they had. They had careers, a household to run, and two small children so, of course, things weren’t as spontaneous as they used to be.

But the sex was still magnificent.

Austin’s hips stopped thrusting, and he trailed a path of kisses down the middle of her back. “You feel so damn good, baby.”

She steadied her grip on the wall behind the headboard. After everything had died down, they’d taken a much-needed trip to the Bahamas.

Matt’s phone had been clutch in getting her case to move forward. Instead of going directly to him, Giselle had brought the team owners in on the matter. She’d threatened that if they didn’t take swift action, she would go public with the information and reveal that they’d known what was going on and decided to hide it. The information leaked anyhow because there’d been audio included in the video of Austin beating Matt’s ass, which had led to a few other women coming forward. Apparently, Sommer wasn’t the only one he’d ever harassed in his career. Matt was subsequently released from the team and the last she heard, he was in Canada trying to get some playing time in the league there.

The team hadn’t needed him in the first place so, after a close call in the playoffs, they made it all the way to the NFC Championship, won, and Austin was able to bring another ring to the city of Dallas.

He lowered and latched onto her clit from behind, forcing a hiss between her teeth. Sommer pulled her hands away from the wall and grabbed the headboard, needing something to grip and hold on to as his tongue and lips sucked her into a frenzy.

He pressed a kiss against the sticky lips between her legs. “Flip over for me, beautiful.”

She managed, somehow, to maneuver onto her back despite her brain not currently functioning at an optimal level. He was poised over her, harder than brick, thick dick in his large hands, stroking as he let his gaze roam the entire length of her body.

“Please, Austin.”

He smiled, golden eyes going even brighter in the Caribbean sunlight streaming through the windows. She still loved those strong shoulders, that Superman chest. The way his waist tapered, the rows of taut abs down his middle, and the powerful thighs that made him one of the league’s best play extenders. The ESPN Body issue where he was featured was one of their top-selling releases.

“Please what, baby?”

Just looking at his body made her reach between her legs to stroke her aching clit. “I want you.”

He lifted her hand, pulling it away from the wet, engorged flesh, and buried his face between her thighs.

Sommer’s back arched. She grabbed the sheets to steady herself against the onslaught of his soft, soft tongue flicking her clit, but it only caused her hips to lift instead. He lifted his head, licked his lips, and parted her further.

“Mmm, mmm, mmm.” He glanced up at her, winked. “I’m never going to get enough of you, you know that, right?”

She wondered if he recognized how dark his voice had gotten, how thick each syllable left his mouth. His dick was straining, practically begging for him to fuck her. He dragged his tongue over her clit in a long lick and slipped his fingers into her body.

“Austin.” Sommer licked her lips, nearly on the verge of tears. “Don’t do the thing.”

He sucked and then circled the bud, wrapping it around his tongue.

“Austin, you know I can’t handle—”

He started doing the thing.

She grabbed the full, silky strands of his hair as he pushed his tongue inside her, licked the entire length of her slit. The swell of orgasm started from somewhere deep inside her, drawing nearer each time the tip of his tongue flicked the tip of her clit.

“Austin…” Her grip tightened. Her hips undulated. “Oh, my god.”

She cried out as the swell built, on the cusp of release. Then, right as she started to come, he sunk his dick deep inside her.

“Fuck.” Her hips rocked. “Oh, God.” Her body convulsed, vibrating along the length of his shaft. “Aus…tin.”

He pressed his thumb against her clit until her body stopped trembling and spasming. Then, he slipped the thumb into her mouth.

She sucked on the digit. A deep growl of a moan tore from his chest and his hips began to move again.

“You did the thing,” she said, breathless.

He laughed. “I like the thing. You come so hard, baby.”

She sucked on his middle finger. “You like making me come hard?”

His bottom lip disappeared into his mouth. “Fuck.”

“You like making me come all over your dick?”

The speed of his thrusts increased, and he hovered over her, palms pressed against the mattress. She sunk her fingers into his backside to draw him in further. The first orgasm had cleared the way for the sequel, and everything in her mind dissolved into incoherent mush.

“I love you, Austin Riley.”

He groaned. “Forever?”


She cried out. Exploded. Seconds later, her name ripped from his throat as his length spurted and throbbed inside her, filling her with what would have definitely been another baby had she not gotten an IUD right after Eli.

He lowered until his chest met hers but kept most of his weight in his arms to avoid crushing her beneath his large body.

“Can you count to ten?” he asked.

“No.” She giggled. “I can’t get past fiven.”

He laughed and pushed onto his side. Before he could reach for her, she went to him.

“A surprise trip to the Bahamas was exactly what we needed.” She slid her naked body over his. “I love you.”

He caressed her cheek. “I love you too, Som.”

“And about Matt—”

“Water under the bridge, baby.”

She nodded. “Right.”  

“Are you still doing okay?”

“Oh, yeah.” She pressed her cheek against his abs. “I’m great. You’ve been the best support, and I can’t thank you enough for that.”

“This, us,” he motioned between them, “isn’t an experiment. It’s not a celebrity hookup. I’m in this for life. You, Livvie, and Eli mean everything to me, Sommer. Every-damn-thing. I’d give it all up for the three of you, no questions asked. I appreciate it, but you don’t have to thank me. You deserve everything I do for you and so much more.”

Tears welled in her eyes. She didn’t know how she’d gotten so lucky. Life, for her, was perfect. She didn’t need a toddler who never threw tantrums—Eli was easily a Guinness World Record contender for tantrums—or a daughter who never pouted or went against her mother’s wishes. She didn’t need a husband who never got under her skin, never messed up, and never made irrational decisions. All she needed was this, the man who’d been her best friend even when, as children, they’d pretended to hate each other to hide their real feelings.

“This vacation is perfect.” He pulled her up his body and wrapped his arms around her. If she let him, they would fall asleep that way and miss all the festivities.

“Before you get too comfortable, there’s something I haven’t told you.”

He looked down at her. “You’re pregnant?”

“Jesus, no.”

“Damn it.”

“You want another baby? Babe, we can’t even control Eli!”

“What if we tried for one more?”

She pushed against his abs, pushed herself up until she straddled him. “Uh, next subject. We’re here for more than one reason. Can you guess the second reason?”

He studied her face. Then, he looked out the floor-to-ceiling windows overlooking the beach.


She nodded. “Yes. Austin, you told your mother you’re okay with her getting married to your sports agent.”

“I am. On most days.” He sighed. “When’s the wedding?”

“On our second-to-last day here. Gary’s setting it up as a surprise for Ms. Emma. I wanted us to fly out early so we could get some time alone to enjoy each other. They’ll bring the kids and then we’ll fly back to Dallas with Liv and Eli.”

“And she’s sure she wants to marry this guy?”

Sommer took his face between her hands. “Austin, your mother’s screwing your sports agent.”

He groaned.

“Gary’s been getting all up in it.” She worked her hips. “All in that.”

He flipped her over, her squealing the entire way until her back met the thousand-plus thread count sheets.

“My mother’s only done that twice. Once for Arielle and another for me.”

“Whatever helps you sleep at night.”

He smiled, his mouth stretched wide and a glow covering his sex-flushed skin. “Well then, I guess I should tell you that me and Case think your brother’s in love.”

Sommer’s mouth fell open. “What? Details!”

He lifted her leg over his hip and slipped back inside her body. “You want details?”

She mumbled a response.

“What’s that, now?” He rolled a nipple between his index finger and thumb. “I didn’t catch that.”

“I, uh, mmm, spot.”

He laughed and slipped his tongue into her mouth.



The End

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