The Rules of The Game: Episode 005

Contains bad words and sex-y scenarios. Mature (18+) audiences only.

Keep It In The Closet

“What’s wrong with this new guy?” Amelia Allen asked. 

The woman who’d become Sommer’s best friend in the time she’d moved to Texas leaned forward, her jaw resting in her hand.  Although Sommer wasn’t known to keep things from Amelia, she wasn’t sure what to say at the moment. Football practice had been all over the place. It looked like they were playing an actual opponent the way Matt was charging at Austin, even trying to leap over offensive linemen just to get a crack at him. The coach had reprimanded him twice already, one of those by grabbing Matt’s face-mask and bringing his face down to his as if to say, “Hurt Austin and our season is over…and I will kill you.”

Olivia was at school and Eli was with Austin’s mother, Emma. Amelia’s two boys and baby girl were with her sister-in-law. Amelia was married to Dallas’ leading wide-receiver, Cason Allen. While other wives, girlfriends, and high-profile mistresses were forming groups, coalitions, and starring on reality TV shows, she and Amelia remained in the shadows. They’d wanted as normal families as possible while being scrutinized by the public eye. The deals had come, but they’d sent them away. 

“Picking him up was a ridiculous move, in my opinion,” Sommer said. “The defense was doing fine. They’re third in the league against the run. Spending all that money on Matt makes no sense.”

The center snapped the ball. Matt charged. Austin tossed the ball before Matt reached him, but Matt advanced anyhow. He stopped short of hitting Austin, nodded his head, and pointed in Austin’s direction, saying something that made Austin shrug, shake his head, and smile. 

“He’s been coming on to me,” Sommer blurted.

Amelia leaned back and pinned her with eyes that were a lovely mix of brown and green. “Who is?”

“Matt Wilson. He came to my office, cornered me in the parking garage, and then stole Austin’s phone to talk to me.”

Amelia spun to face her. “Does Austin know?”

“About the first two. Not about the last one, and considering everything that’s been going on with the freak shooting at the house…I’m not ready to tell him yet. I don’t know what to do.”

The honey-brown skin on Amelia’s face flashed red. “We could go to the owner. To Jim and those folks.”

“We? I couldn’t ask you to—”

“I’m not leaving you to battle this on your own, Som.”

“Well, that’s part of the problem.” She sighed. “Gary’s pretty close with Jim so, after I heard Dallas acquired Matt, I went to him and asked him what to do. He said he would bring it up to Jim at their biweekly golf game.”

“And nothing happened,” Amelia said.

“Not a damn thing. Matter of fact, Jim asked Gary to make sure I didn’t stir up any trouble. Gary’s still pretty pissed.”

“What if Austin goes to him?” Then, Amelia shook her head. “That tasted icky coming out of my mouth, asking your husband to try to fix where you failed. And even though Cason and Austin have a lot of pull on the team, winning them two championships in four years, Jim can still strong arm them. I mean, he does sign their checks.”

Austin yelled out the snap count. Matt jumped early and tried to push through the center, Tank, who pushed him back in the chest. Of the original gang who’d been on the team when she and Austin first started dating, only Austin, Cason, Tank, and her brother, Lincoln remained. 

“I’m sorry, Som.” Amelia gave her shoulder a small massage. “I hate this for you.”

A whistle blew, signaling the end of practice. The men removed their helmets and headed toward the locker room. Matt pulled his helmet over his head and shook out his golden strands. He then looked up into the stands, smiled, and waved in her direction.

This guy is really trying it.

Thankfully, Austin didn’t see the exchange, and there were enough “groupies” in attendance that a woman behind where they were sitting waved in response. Sommer was almost relieved he’d been waving to one of them until he frowned, shook his head, and let his gaze linger on her. She didn’t have to meet his gaze to feel it, all humidity and discomfort. 

Amelia’s mouth fell open. “Whoa.”


“That’s bold.”

“I’ve never been in this position in my life. I don’t get what he wants.”

“I mean, you’re banging,” Amelia said. “So it could be something as simple as thinking if he gets you to bend to his will, that means he has something over on Austin. It’s just a sex thing, I’m sure.”

Sommer laughed. “Not making it better.”

“I know, I’m sorry.” Amelia pulled her in for a quick side hug.

Austin walked to the edge of the field. “Hey, sexy.”

“Hey, handsome,” Sommer called back. “You looked amazing out there. Good practice.”

He tilted his head. “Meet me around back?”

I know what that means.

“I’ll be right down.”

He smiled and headed for the locker room. Sommer pretended to avoid Amelia’s accusatory glance.

“How?” Amelia asked. “Two kids and what, like four years of marriage, and you two still screw like porn stars.”

Sommer collected her purse. “What ever are you talking about?”

“Case told me about you guys’ secret smashing spot near the locker rooms. Meanwhile,” Amelia held up her phone, “he just texted me if I could pick up some milk on the way home because the urge to eat cereal just hit him.”

“How does Case know about the spot?”

“He and Austin are best friends, and you know it’s really men who are the gossipy sex.”

Sommer pulled her friend up to stand. “Amelia, you and Case’s youngest child is three weeks old. Your hormones are still out of whack and neither of you are sleeping. That’s the reason you seem to be forgetting that you and your husband go at it like rabbits otherwise.”

They headed for the exit.

“Maybe you’re right,” Amelia said. “I feel like some cereal my damn self.”

Sommer laughed, and they embraced before she left for her and Austin’s “hiding spot.”

* * * * *

“Austin, don’t you have to talk to the press?” 

Austin gripped Sommer’s hips tighter, pushing deep right where she needed him. “That can wait, baby. I needed you.”

Their hiding spot wasn’t especially undiscoverable. It was a janitor’s closet they’d found was never used, but the door didn’t close all the way. If someone walked by at the right time and looked at the right angle, they would be able to see her right breast popped out of her bra and her leg pulled up and back around Austin’s waist while he drilled into her from behind.

“We…mmm…” Her forehead met the wall. She tried again. “We don’t have that much time.”

He slowed his strokes, his pelvis slapping against her butt, and sucked her neck. “I have all the time in the world for you, Sommer.”

Austin had a way about him, using his body and his words to drag her closer to climax. Telling her not only what she wanted to hear but what she needed. He knew how to please her and make her feel treasured at the same time—like he never wanted her to doubt she was loved. 

“Play with it for me, baby.” His voice vibrated, husky.

She recalled she had arms and started to reach between her legs. Her hand brushed and knocked over an old mop that went cascading into a pail. Austin’s pace never wavered, and she was sure he hadn’t heard a thing. 

Her finger slipped between her legs.

“I still can’t believe you’re mine.” He breathed the words near her ear. “You wear my ring, took my name, had my kids…”

His hips pitched faster. Her fingers stroked in time to each thrust.

“I’d give you anything, Sommer. Everything.”

A spark lit inside her. “I don’t know how you still do this to me.”

He laughed, and the strained way it left his throat sent another zing between her legs. However, what pulled her past the point of no return was when he started repeating his declarations…in Italian.

“Oh my gosh.” She turned her head to the side. “Yes, yes, yes.” 

As she crested, exploded, and creamed, she noticed the door had pushed open a little further from her fumbling. She noticed she could see well into the hallway. And she noticed that she could see Matt, his eyes glassy and his bottom lip pulled into his mouth, his gaze on the mocha-capped tip of that exposed right breast.

Crap. Crap, crap, crap!

Austin hooked an arm around her belly and released on a deep rumble of a moan, pulling her backward and thankfully, out of Matt’s line of sight. Sommer reached for the door handle and pulled it as close as she could get it. 

When Austin peppered her neck with kisses, she sighed with relief. He hadn’t seen. No one would die, at least not today. However, once she got their lawyer involved, Austin would become privy to everything going on. 

She wasn’t sure what would happen then.

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