Seducing The Boss

A Contemporary Interracial Erotic Romance

Release date – December 16th 2019

At forty, Tamika Boone never imagined she’d become a walking cliché. Yet, the morning after a particularly drunken Christmas party, she finds herself waking up in a man’s bed. A man who happens to be her sexy employee, Carson Hollister. 

And Carson’s fifteen years her junior.

What was supposed to not go past the drunken party turns into an agreement—they continue a casual sexual relationship for twelve days until Christmas Eve. After that, they part ways. No feelings and a clean break.

Easier said than done.

Carson has no problem agreeing to the arrangement…except, in those twelve days, he’s planning to make Tamika fall for him. For him, their Christmas after-party hookup was nothing short of divine intervention; he’s wanted her for years but always kept a professional distance. No matter how hard it’s been to do so.

He can give her what she thinks is the only thing he wants from her—screaming mornings, steamy evenings, and erotic nights in her office, his loft, his car…wherever.

But, when it’s all said and done, she’ll realize that there’s much more to him than what he can do to her body.

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