The Rules of The Game: Episode 002

Parenting is “hard.”

Contains bad words and sex-y scenarios. For mature (18+) readers.

“I think Matt just got one too many hits on the head.” Sommer tossed her laptop bag on the passenger seat and slipped behind the wheel of her BMW SUV. 

As expected, Matt had backed down when Austin showed up, mumbling something about “kidding” and that he’d meant “no disrespect.” Austin had dropped by with their son, Eli, so she could see him after his doctor’s appointment that afternoon. Eli had been battling a cold for the past week and a half.

Austin’s voice came through the car’s Bluetooth. “You okay?” 

“Yes.” She closed the driver’s side door. “I’m on my way now to pick Olivia up from ballet. How’s Eli? Still doing okay?”

“His breathing sounds good. None of that crackling like he had before.”

“Thank God.” In her mind, when Eli first started showing signs of a cold, he’d picked up whooping cough. Two kids later and she was still overanxious whenever they got sick or hurt in any way. “Want me to pick up dinner on the way?”

He released a breath. “Yes.”

That sounded heavy. Are you okay?”

“Tired, mostly. Practice was brutal. Bring three of whatever you’re picking up.” His voice lowered. “And I’m still pissed about that Matt Wilson business.”

Austin had been more aggressive lately, on and off the field, especially where she and the kids were concerned. The change had come overnight, like someone had threatened them Monday which had resulted in the difference in his attitude Tuesday morning. 

Being in the public eye came with its fair share of threats, but none had ever amounted to anything. Hell, Austin’s own father had a restraining order which said he couldn’t come within one-thousand-feet of his own grandchildren. Not that he’d want to. He wasn’t exactly into having grandchildren who weren’t blond-haired, blue-eyed, and lily-white.

Austin’s mother was the opposite. She officially moved from North Carolina to Texas two months before Eli was born. In Austin’s mind, she moved only to be closer to him and the kids. He refused to acknowledge how serious her relationship with his sports agent, Gary, was becoming.  

Sommer smiled, thinking of that dark hair and those amber eyes, him relaxed at home with that little wrinkle of fatigue in the space between his brows. It was gray sweatpants season, and he was a regular contributor. She’d always fantasized about having a husband she was at least a little physically attracted to, but it was something different entirely having a husband who was a whole bag of sexy. 

“Baby, don’t worry about Matt.” She started up the car and eased her foot off the brake. “I can handle myself. It’s not like he’s the first one to hit on me.”

His tone sharpened. “Just how many people have been hitting on you?”

“Not the point, Aus—oh shit!” She slammed on the brake. Standing in the middle of the parking garage, his build like a massive statue in her headlights, was the topic of their conversation. 

“What happened?” Austin asked.

She kept her foot on the pedal but didn’t put the car in park. Just because Matt didn’t have a history of craziness didn’t mean he couldn’t have a bout of it. “Matt, what the hell?”

The Bluetooth speaker exploded. “Matt?”

Matt winked, blew her a kiss, and walked off. 

“He was in front of the car.” She sped the rest of the way to the parking garage exit. “Standing there. Like a lunatic.”

“I’ll have words with him when we play Houston Monday night.”

They chatted until she pulled up in front of the ballet studio. Olivia waited outside with the owner of the school, still in her tutu but with her coat strewn over it. The school had a system the parents had to log into to track when they were on their way, and Olivia never wanted to stay inside when she knew one of her parents were near.

“Livvie!” Sommer hopped out the car and nearly toppled over when her daughter rushed her. “Hi, my love. I missed you so much today.”

Olivia squeezed her around the neck. “I missed you too, Mommy.”

“Thank you, Mrs. Dewey. Have a wonderful afternoon.” Sommer waved to the owner and turned to help Olivia into her booster seat. 

Olivia chatted like she hadn’t said a word all day—which wasn’t the case. Her daughter almost never stopped talking. It was the only “problem” her kindergarten teacher talked about at conferences, but getting Olivia to be quiet only lasted for a few minutes before the words stretched and crawled their way from her throat.

She talked her way through them picking up a brown rice, grilled chicken, and steamed vegetables dinner—rotisserie chicken and fries for Olivia. 

She talked as they pulled into the garage, walked into the house, and then around the dinner table after she washed up and changed out of her tutu.

And she didn’t stop talking until she fell asleep that night, no doubt her mind rolling with what she would talk about in the morning as she got ready for school.

Sommer stood in front of the bathroom mirror and swiped a cotton ball soaked with makeup remover over her face. Austin walked up and wrapped his arms around her from behind.

“Hi, beautiful.”

“Hi, handsome. Eli’s asleep already?”

“Mhm.” His dick pressed against the fabric of her pencil skirt. “I think that’s a new record.”

She tossed the cotton ball into the nearby trashcan and turned. He lifted her onto the vanity counter, spread her legs with his, and pushed the skirt up to her hips. 

“You know,” he slid his hand up her thigh, “I could fuck you right here.”

“You could.”

His finger searched for panties he wouldn’t find. She’d been getting ready to jump in the shower before remembering she was still wearing a full-face…and then she got stuck somewhere between both.

His thumb slid over her clit. “You’re already wet for me.”

“I walked through the door and you were wearing sweatpants. You know what that does to me.”

He smiled. The gesture lit his eyes. One hand played between her legs while the other lowered the waistband on the pants, springing his dick free. 

He lowered his head and trailed his tongue over the sensitive skin of her neck. She took him in her hands, scooted forward, and pressed the head of his erection against her opening.

A harsh cry came through the baby monitor. 

Austin’s forehead fell to her shoulder. “Damn.”

“You know him falling asleep that quickly was a fluke.” She gently nudged him back, hopped from the counter, and turned to wash her hands under the faucet. “I’ll get him.”


The cries slowed and then quieted to a gentle snore.

Sommer bent. “Whoa. That never happens.”

“Don’t jinx it, baby.” Austin lifted the skirt and rubbed his hands over the globes of her butt, pressed his stiff dick against the seam. “My wife is so damn sexy.”

Eli’s cries started up again like a sputtering engine, this time louder. 

Soft knocks came next on the bedroom door and then Olivia’s muffled voice. 

“Mommy? Daddy? Eli woke up. Want me to get him?”

Austin took a step back. “You know it’s bad when your five-year-old offers to do the parenting.”

Sommer laughed and pressed a quick kiss on his mouth. “I’ll be right back.”

“You better.”

She watched him watch her leave in the mirror, his lids low and his left hand moving in a slow stroke from swollen tip to base.


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