The Gatekeeper

New Year, New Series

Release Date: 01-01-2020

No one defies the Lord of the Underworld. 

Chief Mataio Tauati took over his father’s post as Gatekeeper of The Dead at seventeen years of age. Twelve years later, he’s become the strongest god of his ancestral lineage. To challenge him is a death sentence and, for the most part, everyone understands the rules.  

For the most part.

Archaeologist Tia Coleman seems hell bent on proving herself as the exception.

He saves her life and yet, she finds him terrifying. Admittedly, his size and build aren’t exactly small—there’s nothing small about him—but for a woman who claims to be put off by his imposing stature, she has no problems getting under his skin…like an aggravating, beautiful, fire-breathing dragon of a tick. 

To complicate matters further, there’s a prophecy, and although he isn’t one to believe in them, this one is proving itself to be more than troublesome. It involves him, Tia, and something he’s always believed to be a myth—the woman who delivers the Lord of the Underworld’s missing heartbeat. 

Being the strongest means there’s no room for weakness, no matter how much she softens him. There’s no room for vulnerability, no matter how easily she brings him to his knees.

He won’t protect her. 

He won’t give his life for her. 

He won’t take on the world for her or destroy any being, mortal or immortal, foolish enough think they’ll hurt her in his presence. 

He certainly won’t kill…them…all.

Happy Birthday To Me!

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