Let Me Explain That Password Post

Hi loves!

I know you’re probably wondering, “What’s up with that last ‘Password Protected’ post???”

Well, it’s July and it’s time for a Gift-Away! However, I do the majority of my giveaways via my email list to ensure only those who are interested get bugged join. So, if you are interested in this month’s giveaway—a signed copy of Angels and Assassins 1, 2, and 3—look no further. Well, a little bit further…down below.

I’ve also got some awesome collaborations coming down the pipe (as well as my next exciting release after The Dark Knight) so if you like more than books—beauty products, gift cards, freebie boxes, and more…come on down like it’s the Price is Right.

Thanks for the heads up, Golda!

8 thoughts on “Let Me Explain That Password Post

      1. But, I’m still unclear to what password it wants me to enter. Is it my password for my account or a special password attached to your post?

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  1. I truly am slow as a snail! Cause I get nothing! And our must be very obvious by the laughing crying face memes. But one things for sure whether I ever win or not… I’m still going to follow your blog and I’m still going to be reading your books…..

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