The Woman He Wanted

She was the woman he wanted.

This wasn’t something Kellen Edwards believed; it was what he knew. It was what he felt the first moment he laid eyes on Bailey Green. It was like they’d known each other in a previous life and their souls had sought each other out, hers moving to Atlanta from Barbados at a young age, and his moving back to Atlanta after a hiatus in Baltimore and Louisiana. But despite knowing that this woman is his, fate won’t make their union an easy one.

His family life begins to unravel as tensions rise between him and his brother, and a dark secret shadowing Bailey’s life tries to interfere with their “happily ever after.”

It’s not until a trip back to Barbados, back to the house where she grew up and where a mysterious man still walks the halls at night, do they begin to unravel the mystery that will either make their relationship last, or destroy it altogether.

Hi Loves!

I’m going to resurrect Kellen and Bailey because this is one of my favorite written books to date. I’m Caribbean so I love ghosts and folklore. I could literally hear my grandmother’s voice in my ear in some of these sections. My parents still tell childhood stories. Do you have any family stories that you grew up on?

I have another one of these planned in my future, God-willing.




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