The Litmus Test of Love

Hi loves,

I have wondered, often, about the telltale sign that I am in love. 

Don’t get me wrong, I have loved before. He knows who he is (no, not you, him), who he was. I still think about him and even though things got awful between us, I tell myself not to focus on those things. To try to focus on the memories that were good. There’s no sense in hurting yourself further if you know you don’t want to go back to that person, and you’re at a place where you can admit that yeah, there were good times.

But I have never been “in” love. I’ve never been in a place where I felt like my life would be better with that person than without them. I’ve never had the euphoria, the happiness, the comfort and solace. The desire to be with them above all else.

However, a strange thing happened recently.


I woke up and was left dangling in that weird, lucid state between dreaming and reality. Suddenly, the question popped up in my mind: If someone came up to me and asked to choose between having (let’s call him Chipotle) in my life and living comfortably without debts or a need for anything, with great kids or moving to another country and living with my pets in a cottage with sweet neighbors as a bestselling author, would I choose Chipotle?


I wouldn’t.

That is the litmus test.

The day I meet a man and can say to myself I’d be willing to give up WRITING for him, check your mailboxes because I’m in love and the wedding invitations have been sent.

For now, there’s nothing in the world I love more than writing. Well, except for my nieces and nephews. But that’s different. Them’s my babies.



3 thoughts on “The Litmus Test of Love

  1. Interesting! I’m a 45 yro professional black woman who has also never been in love. What’s interesting is that i’ve applied that litmus test a few times when I knew deep down the relationship was over and it was time to get out.

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  2. Real love is so very different. He’s the one who caters to your every need. He knows what you want, need with out you sayin a word he loves you more than he loves him self. All that and he is not controlling, no jealousy next to God it’s you
    You can still write, be you, that’s God s wish that he love more than he loves him self. He also says he who finds a wife finds a good thing
    So, where ever he is he is coming .

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