THE Kiss…

This makes me feel like a perv.

I’m not talking about the spy on people and be weird and illegal kind. I mean, if I lived next to Chris Hemsworth, maybe I can see myself evolving into that.

I mean that I love sexual romantic tension. I love it in books, in shows, in movies. And then, it all builds up until you get to that first kiss and, “Yes! Yes!”

(I’m quoting those old Herbal Essences commercials. Get your mind out the gutter.)

I have no idea if I build this up in my books. My characters end up kissing pretty quickly. Some end up doing more. I think the characters of mine who took the longest to smooch are Roux and Ben in With A Kiss I Die.

But, for the hell of it, I went to YouTube and found a video of some awesome, long-awaited kisses so you guys can be Freaks Like Me.

Says the girl who sprints away from men faster than Chris Johnson can run 40 yards.

Some girls watch a lot of football. It’s me. I’m ‘some girls.’ Go Noles.

2 thoughts on “THE Kiss…

  1. Listen I love your books and the storylines if the characters happen to kiss fast then let it be. I have not had a complaint about any of your books. Except I need more of the characters cause you end up falling in love with them and their stories🥰🥰🥰. Keep up your writing ✍🏽 and please write more of With A Kiss I Die, those characters still have more to tell

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