Steamy #bwwm Scenes To Keep You Warm At Night No: 1 #nsfw… Where Are You Linden Hughes???????


Image result for clipart number oneAlthough it’s out of print, it will never be out of my mind. Linden, where are you? Please come back. You can’t just leave the literary world in heat suspense like this! This book was…yeah…::wipes drool::

* * * * *

RYE HEARD THE spray of water from the en suite bath. After placing a handful of condoms from the box onto the bedside table, he stripped and laid his clothes on a side chair near the window. He ran a hand across his jaw and felt the prick of an emerging beard, but no way was he was going to borrow a razor to shave. Right now his main concern was uncovering more of Lacey’s secrets. He chuckled, recalling her saying “fuck” earlier. He’d never heard her break a verb, let alone use street vernacular, which she had several times tonight. For all her proper trappings, there was plenty of fire in Miss Lacey Bishop.

Looking around her bedroom, he realized how familiar he was with the space. In fact, he’d helped her brother haul in many of the hodgepodge pieces of furniture over the years. Never had he imagined he’d be pacing her private lair, dick hard, aching to plunge as deep inside her as he could get.

What in the world was going on with him?

He wasn’t suffering from lack of female attention, so he couldn’t blame his raging need for Lacey on a dry spell. Beyond her being a gorgeous woman, he didn’t know what fueled his urgent hunger, but he couldn’t wait to explore her svelte body, tasting her until she shattered to pieces. At the prospect of riding her, his balls tightened, and his cock rose to point almost accusingly at him, demanding relief.

His patience was wearing thin; how clean was she trying to get? Hell, he was about to make her hot and sweaty again anyway. Determined not to wait a second longer, he moved to retrieve her when she stepped into the bedroom. Naked.

The room seemed to shrink and he struggled to suck in enough air. Her brown palette seemed creamier and more luminous than possible on a human being. He couldn’t help but touch her to make sure she was real.

“You’re breathtaking.”

He pulled her into his arms, before covering her mouth with his. He offered her tongue, and his shaft hardened when she took it. After engaging in a sweet battle, he lowered his mouth to her round breast. He was so hungry he’d suck both of them at the same time if he could. When he pulled on her luscious flesh, her resulting moans were the equivalent of having her hands wrapped around his cock, squeezing. He’d never been so damn needy, so ready to open her legs and shove his hard—

Stop. Keep it together, McKay.

He licked her hard nipple and then blew on the wetness he left. Shit, her tits were perfect. Full but firm, they were just the right shape, and the dark brown areolae provided a perfect backdrop for the chestnut tips. How had he never noticed how fucking sexy was? Everything was exactly where it was supposed to be, and his dick approved.

It didn’t take much effort to pick her up and place her slender frame in the middle of the bed. Her body was pliant, signaling she was almost ready for his cock. He pushed her legs wide until she was on full display. Lean and taut, her thighs curved around a strip of black curls framing her slit. The little nubbin holding the key to her pleasure hid in her folds as if it was shy, daring him to explore her softness, so he did.

“Damn, you’re so wet for me,” he growled.

“I thought you knew.” Her throaty rasp penetrated his sensual fog.


“I’ve been wet since the second you touched me.”

He went still and tried to keep his composure as a sudden rush of precum emerged from his cock. He had to have her right damn now, but he needed to make sure she was ready. With one finger, then with two, he parted her nether lips and salivated when her clitoris came into full view. He bent down, and after several light flicks of his tongue along her moist slit, he landed on her clit and sucked it into his mouth. She bucked so hard he had to latch on to her hips to keep her in place, but he loved her reaction. He used his thumbs to keep her open as he suckled her nub in earnest.

“Rye, what are you doing?” Her voice was thick and garbled.

“Tasting Lacey.” Like he was feasting on a juicy nectarine, he sent his tongue over her moist, ripe flesh before applying a strong suction. His reward was her undulating hips and choppy moans. When she tried to push him away, he pinned her hips to the mattress, keeping her still. She was his buffet, and he was going to eat until she lost her damn mind. The task would be easy, because her pussy was the best thing he’d ever tasted. Ever.


He held his head at an angle, tugging her clit in a firm, milking motion. When her creamy essence spilled from her, he slurped up every drop.

“Ahh,” she screamed and jerked and arched her sex against his face. “Oh God, I’m coming.”

As she shook through her climax, the urge to pound his chest like a primate was strong, but he resisted. Instead, he stood and retrieved a condom from the nightstand. He groaned when he almost shot his load at his own touch. Hell no, not happening; he was determined to be surrounded by her hot walls when he came.









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  1. I love this book. I’ve read it so many times. Was hoping for a follow up w/ Lacey’s sister.

    However, I wondered if she had passed away as she mentioned her cancer had returned. That would be beyond sad. I live with the hope that she is well and in recovery.

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