#nsfw… BWWM Smex Scenes to Keep You Warm at Night No: 3 – Aaron & Patience

There was something about the back and forth here, the innocent of their initial relationship and Patience’s love that was everything for me. Then their relationship matured and we got to see why Aaron was the way he was. Just…excellent.

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353244788“I’d love to take you to the Wet Room. A body like yours should never be covered up.” His pale green eyes slid down, stopping at the ample cleavage my black dress exposed. They moved farther down, pausing again at the sight of my exposed walnut-colored thigh. The dress had been Judy’s idea and I was regretting it.

I shifted, pushing my long sister locks over my shoulders to cover as much cleavage as possible.

“Beautiful brown skin like yours…” He paused, moving his hand closer to my arm.

Just before I could pull away a voice sounded. “If you fucking touch her, I will break all two-hundred and six bones in your body.”

The deep voice sent shockwaves through my entire body.

It can’t be.

As the strange man stood, moving out of the way, I nearly passed out when my greatest fear was confirmed.

It was him.


He looked a little older, and still just as mean as ever. And that was his appeal, part of it, at least. The man was handsome, bordering on beautiful by conventional standards. With his dark hair, hazel eyes, square jaw, and perfect nose with a splattering of freckles across the bridge.

“This one yours?” the strange man asked, looking toward Aaron.

“She’s off limits…to you,” he snarled. “Leave. Now.”

Aaron gave the man a hard look and before I knew it the guy was backing off. Aaron’s gaze lingered on his retreating form for all of two seconds and then he pinned me with his gaze.

I felt as if I was being lifted, even though I remained seated. I couldn’t avert my eyes as all types of emotions swirled around in my gut, each fighting for dominance over the other.

Don’t be so sensitive.

That reminder, of his harsh words, allowed the anger I still held to reign supreme. I’d let my anger at him lead the way.

“What the fuck are you doing here?” he growled, before I could speak. His words knocked all the wind out of my sails.

“I-I,” I stammered, but then caught myself. “Having a drink and minding my damn business.” I turned my head, to reach for the glass on my table that had been dropped off by the waitress, but my arm was caught in a steel trap. I dared to look down at his creamy hand, encircling my forearm.

“Get up,” he demanded, but didn’t wait for my compliance. He yanked me up out of my seat with one arm. Once standing, he pulled me tight to his body. With his free hand, he gathered my sister locks at the nape of my neck. His hard eyes moved from mine, down to my lips, face, neck, and stopping at my breasts. Unlike when the other man had done this same thing, my nipples began throbbing painfully against the cotton fabric of the dress.

“You’re not wearing a bra.”

Why did his simple observation cause a flood in my panties? I should hate this man. No. I do hate this man for the way he treated me.

“Let go of me.”

His jaw tightened along with his grip around my arm.

“You think you’re all grown up now? Think you’re ready for a place like this?” “It’s none of your goddamn business what I’m ready for, you son of a–”

His free hand clamped around my lower jaw, and his lips crushed mine, pushing my angry words back down my throat. I didn’t want his kiss or his touch. I squirmed to break his grasp, but he was too strong and I was always too weak for him. I gasped in pain and pleasure when he bit my lower lip and pulled back, not trying to soothe the bite like he’d done in the past.

“Watch your fucking mouth. Let’s go.”

I stumbled over the heels I wore, which weren’t my own, when he began pulling me by my arm. I tugged and attempted to yank free. “Let go of me! Where the hell are we going?” I hissed, trying to keep my voice low to not draw attention from the surrounding patrons. Aaron didn’t even bother to turn and look back at me, pulling me easily toward a long hall.

We passed one room where tables full of food were set up. “Aaron, where the hell are we–” My question was cut off when he tried the knob of one of the closed wooden doors. The knob turned and he pushed it open. I felt myself propelled forward, just barely able to keep on my feet when he tossed me inside, slamming the door behind him and then my back against the door.

His dark gaze seethed and a twinge of fear scattered up my spine just before he crushed his lips to mine again. Fear, anger, and all, it still felt good. Too good. I didn’t want to feel anything but hatred for him. I squirmed and twisted my head, ultimately breaking free of the hold of his mouth.

“Don’t touch me!” I yelled, pushing him away. He barely budged but it was enough distance that I was able to reach up and smack him across the face with all the anger I felt. The loud “pop” echoed around the dark room.

He took a step back, his hazel eyes burning an ominous stare into my eyes as his thumb reached up, swiping at the corner of his mouth. His eyes lowered and my chest heaved when I registered the drop of blood on the tip of his thumb. My stomach plummeted when he turned even darker eyes on me and a smile crept on his handsome face.

Aaron didn’t smile.

Crazy bastard.

That was my last coherent thought, before he invaded my space again, pushing me against the door with his entire body weight, mouth moving over mine, this time even more harsh than before. I tasted the coppery taste of his blood. The blood I’d drawn from him, and instead of turning me off, the way it should have, it caused a tremble in my thighs.

“Ah!” I yelled, when he pulled back and with his two hands ripped the dress I wore down the middle. My breasts spilled out. I went to cover myself, but he was quicker than I was. He grabbed both of my wrists, hoisting them over my head. I was too preoccupied with the feeling of my nipples rubbing against his chest, to realize that he tied something around my wrists, suspending them there. His mouth moved to mine again, and I felt his large hands travel down my body, cupping and massaging my breasts before they moved lower, shredding the rest of my dress. I attempted to push him away again only to find my wrists were bound.

“A-Aaron,” I panted. “What the hell? Untie me!” I tugged at the ropes, looking up.

“Don’t struggle. You’ll hurt yourself,” he growled. “It’s polypropylene rope.” He moved his head lower, to my neck, licking the spot below my left ear.

I shivered.

“The core’s been removed,” he continued in between biting and licking at my neck. “But pulling too hard can cause rope burn.”

I panted, my thoughts becoming hazy. My head fell back against the door. “Aaron,” I breathed, trying one last time to get him to release me, but it was my weakest attempt yet. I began to lose my reasoning as to why I shouldn’t just give in. Submit to him. I became really undone when he moved lower, his insistent lips blazing a trail from my neck to my chest, savoring and feeding himself at my breasts. His tongue rolled over one nipple while his fingers pinched the other. My hips bucked and he gave a devious chuckle at my obvious agony.

“You still come apart for me.” He moved lower, nipping and sucking at my abdomen until he reached the apex of my thighs, coming to his knees. “You thought you were going to give this to someone else tonight?” His angry eyes reached mine at the same time he cupped my sex. “Answer me!”

My eyes narrowed. “Yes! I had plans on giving it to the first man who asked!” I taunted, lying my ass off.

He made a deep, hard sound at the back of his throat just before he tore my panties. The lace fabric stood no chance in the face of his apparent enmity.

“Fucking mine!” he growled just before pushing my thighs apart and thrusting his face into my core.

“Ahh!” I screamed at the intensity at which he sucked and feasted on my sex. He lifted my right thigh over his shoulder and used his fingers to split me open, allowing his tongue full access to the most sensitive part of my body. My hips went wild against his face, my head lolled against the door. My hands tightened into fists, suspended in the air, tugging at the rope, but this time not to get away. It was the natural reaction to the devastation he was causing to my pussy. I screamed and creamed into his mouth and he fed off of it all. My yells and cries causing him to become even more insistent, driving me higher and higher to my climax. Just when I thought I was about to fall over the cliff, he pulled back.

“Fuck you!” I growled and tried to kick at him as he stared at me, amusement glittering in his eyes.

His deep chuckle caused my pussy to clench. My nipples ached painfully and my entire body was primed for an orgasm as he stared at me, rising slowly, flicking on a dim light. I blinked a few times, looking around, seeing a huge bed at the other side of the room, shiny hardwood floors, a walk-in closet to the right covered in huge mirrors. On the left, was a metal stripper pole. I turned back to Aaron to see him reaching up. When I felt his hands at my wrist, I figured he was undoing the restraints. I was going to punch him the first chance I got, though it might turn him on as my smack had done earlier.

Sick bastard, I thought again, even though I was just as sick as him remembering how turned on I’d become from the taste of his blood.

“You’re going to pay for your earlier comment.” I heard moments before I was yanked from the door. Unfortunately, I was still bound at the wrists, but I fought to free myself from his grasp, even as he tugged me toward the bed. We wrestled, but somehow, I found myself lying flat on my stomach against the bed, my hands stretched out in front of me, tied to the metal, shiny black headboard.

“Tell me, sweetness, what the fuck are you doing here?” His voice was lethally low next to my ear. His hand pushed my hair back out of my face so I could see him fully.

I hated the way my pussy clenched at hearing the term of endearment he’d become accustomed to using for me.

“None of your fucking business!” I yelled and turned my head, avoiding his gaze. It did too much to my insides. Let alone the fact that I was stripped naked on a bed, my entire body still trembling from the release it never got.

“Everything you do is my business.”

I tugged at the restraints once more, pissed all over again.


I stilled when a sharp slap to my ass reverberated through me until it reached my core.

“Hsss!” I hissed at the intense wave of pleasure that rolled through my sex. My hands and feet clenched. I heard wrestling noises but still refused to look in his direction. When the bed dipped and I felt the heat from his body move behind me, I tried to kick at him, but his hand gripped my ankle, preventing me.

“I’m not yours!” I yelled, my voice choked with tears. It was a lie. He knew it and I knew it. But I fought to hold onto that lie as if it were my lifeline. Even as he spread my legs apart and his thick cock brushed against my aching wetness. I gasped when he roughly pulled my head back by my hair.

“You’ve always fucking been mine. From the very first time you put your lips on me. Your lips, your pussy, your ass, and anything else I want is mine.”

I whimpered at the feel of his hard rod at the apex of my sex, ready to breach me. He slid in easily due to the outpouring of my wetness for him. I tried to shake my head no, denying his words.

“Say it,” he growled in my ear.

I shook my head as much as I could with his hand still tugging at my hair.

“Say it!”

“I–” I broke off, shaking my head again.

“Say it!”

“I’m yours!” I finally let out, and when I did he made me his over and over again, breaching me. I screamed out, feeling every ridge of his cock when he pushed into me all the way to the hilt. I needed time to adjust. It’d been a long time since this part of my body had been invaded, but Aaron was relentless. Pushing in and pulling out before thrusting in again in rapid succession.

“A-A,” I panted, unable to get his name completely out of my mouth. His thrusts stole my words, and replaced all thoughts and memories with nothing but what he was doing to me at that moment. And my body took it all, weeping for more of him. My breasts ached as they bounced against my chest from his relentless pounding. My ass jiggled, high in the air, my hips were sore from the tight hold of his hands on them, and most of all, my pussy throbbed and rippled from the glide of his cock. I twisted my hands in the silk sheets of the bed, moaning loudly until my throat felt hoarse. I was close, oh so close. But again, before I could reach my zenith, Aaron pulled completely out of me.

“Son of a–” My curse was cut off by a smack at my ass. I cried out at the ripple of pain that moved down to my pussy, turning into another wave of pleasure I wasn’t sure I could handle.

“I told you to watch your fucking mouth!” he roared, undoing my wrists and flipping my body over.

I wanted to strike out at him but I was too undone and he was too fast. He retied my wrists and then pushed my legs at the knees high up, so they were bent and spread wide for him. My knees nearly came to my armpits. Blinking, I looked up at him, to see he was completely nude. My eyes zeroed in on the scars over his chest, but they paused at the ink I saw there. It looked like a Chinese symbol but I didn’t know what it meant.

Tattoos are useless.

I remembered his words plain as day. I thought maybe I was imagining things but couldn’t orient myself long enough before I was impaled again. My head thrashed against the pillows of the bed. With my hands bound and knees held up by his hands, I could only take what he was giving me. Again, he pounded me into the mattress, ferocious in the way he was taking siege of my body. I gasped, when he pushed my legs even higher and wider, allowing himself to go just another inch deeper. My head rose off the bed, the feeling of being impossibly stuffed. I glanced all around the room, my eyes wide, until my sight finally landed on his face.

He looked so in control. The lonely bead of sweat that moved down the side of his face was the only indication he was exerting himself. That, and his eyes. His eyes were so stormy and acute. He watched me. Took into consideration every reaction I had to his thrusts. He sped up his strokes and I lost my breath, and he still watched me intently—never breaking eye contact, and never allowing me to either. He slowed down his pace, pulling almost completely out of me, staring at me with just the tip of his cock inside of me. He reached down, let his thumb rub my clit at the same time he pushed all the way back in and sent me spiraling.

I finally broke eye contact when my eyes fell shut against the current. Wave after wave of overwhelming pleasure from built-up, unexpressed orgasms came over me. My body shook and I screamed and then gasped when I couldn’t scream any longer. I trembled, every muscle in my body tightening up. The orgasm was totally consuming and felt endless. And still, through it all, Aaron rode me, pounding as my pussy muscles clenched around him. His own grunts mixed with my moans and cries. It wasn’t until I was totally spent, weakened from my orgasm, that he pulled completely out of me again, and came himself, releasing his hot come all over my belly and breasts. He massaged his thick cock with his hand, squeezing out every last drop, making sure it covered me.

My legs fell limply to the bed. I was spent. I watched wordlessly as the last drops of his semen fell into my bellybutton.

“Like I fucking said, you’ve always belonged to me.”

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