BWWM Sex Scenes To Keep You Warm At Night No: 4 #nsfw…Shay Rucker

Shay Rucker – On The Edge of Love

I don’t know about you but from the first page, I was like… “Whoa.”

I mean, Zeus wasn’t essentially human to me. Still isn’t. But Ms. Rucker’s expert writing gave him sex appeal and yes, even a softer side. Not to mention, loads of raw skill.

* * * * *

Zeus’s body shifted on top of hers, his forearms planted near each shoulder as he held his face only inches from hers. His warm, mint-tinged breath fanned across her right cheek as he inhaled and exhaled rhythmically. Sabrina reached up and stroked her thumb from his jawline to the fierce cut of his cheekbone. His gray eyes gleamed freakishly, almost iridescently, in the dark of the room.

“I want my kiss,” he said.

She lifted her head and pressed her lips to his once, twice, three times in precious touch and retreat. The gentleness of the encounter ended quickly as Zeus lowered his head and pressed hers deep into the pillow as his kiss devoured her. He shifted against her, forcing her legs wide and sinking his lower body into the space between.

He molded her trembling inner thighs against his outer thighs. It was both the wrong spot for him to be in and the perfect spot for him to be in, as the length of his hard flesh, separated from her only by her thin cotton panties, stroked against her clit.

Sabrina groaned and spread her legs wider. They ground into each other with a desperate need that couldn’t be satisfied with anything less than him burying himself deep inside her over and over again.

Zeus grabbed her nightshirt and pulled it up and off her body in a single motion. Cool air caressed the heat between her legs as his lower body retreated from hers. Her panties were pulled from her body so roughly she feared she’d have friction burns running down her legs in the morning. Zeus shifted his weight and lowered himself back down, the length and width of his thick penis hot against the wetness pooling between her legs.

Zeus’s mouth tasted hers, then moved to the hollow beneath her ear and down the side of her neck in a mixture of kisses, licks, and bites until he found the bud of her nipple. He sucked at her nipple, hand squeezing it so hard it was nearly painful. Sabrina cried out from the intense pleasure running from her breast to her core. She pressed him more deeply against her folds as he sucked harder. Zeus grunted as he fed from her in desperation.

Need spasmed through her womb when his mouth found her other nipple as his thumb played in the wetness he’d created on the other one. Her body convulsed in mini orgasms. Zeus’s head dipped lower down her body, creating a hailstorm of anticipation.

Please God, let him do it. Pleeease God.

Zeus paused at the crescent-shaped rod of metal in her navel. She thought she would scream in frustration, but then his tongue played with the belly ring. His lapping and tugging placated some of yearning, lulled her senses, accustomed her body to the feel of his mouth. The tip of his tongue burrowed deep into her belly button, as if this were a way to reach the cradle of liquid pooling in her womb, catching it before it trickled down the swollen passage of her vagina.

Sabrina undulated her hips, skimmed her hands over his head. She couldn’t believe any part of this man could be so soft, but his hair was like down. Zeus’s hands gripped her hips, controlling them to stillness. His shoulders spread her legs wider, and he went still again, his face only inches away from the place where she was weeping for his attention. She tried to guide his head into her center, but his neck was strong; his head wouldn’t move. The bastard chuckled, and she knew for sure he was a demon sent to torment her.

Sabrina tried to take what control she could and arched her pussy toward his waiting mouth, only to have him force her hips back into the mattress.

Zeus blew a cool stream of air against her clit, and her eyes teared.

“Please,” she whispered, pathetic and weak in the grip of demanding need. “Please, Zeus.”

His tongue lightly stroked the tip of her protruding clit, and her hips bucked within his grip. Breaking free from his own chains of restraint, Zeus growled, spread her legs wider, and pushed his tongue into her trembling flesh over and over, fucking her with his tongue and fingers as ferociously as he had latched on to her nipple.

She arched her head back, her ragged screams filling the room as he took control of her body and fucked her with his mouth as effectively as any man had fucked her with his dick.

Sabrina felt hot tears trickle into her ears. Zeus did just enough to get her to the edge but not enough to send her over. He chuckled again, and she groaned in frustration. He was playing with her. He knew she wanted release more than she wanted her next breath. She was on the verge of wrapping her legs around his head and putting him in the most intimate form of a headlock when he lowered his head and gave her exactly what she needed but was too far gone to verbalize. God, his fucking mouth was amazing. He fed and sucked and licked and filled her with fingers pressed deep into her with no gentleness, only domination.

She lost what little sense she had as she came in waves of wetness that rushed from her body, bathing her ass and thighs. His mouth and fingers played in her essence until all she could do was buck and shake as her vaginal walls convulsed with the longest and most intense orgasm she had ever experienced. Just as the spasms dissipated, Zeus pumped another finger into her tightness, stretching her almost beyond reason, and just that quickly the sensations grew more, not less intense, and again her body was flung against the hard truth of another orgasm.

Eventually her back and hips made their way back down to the mattress, and when she finally had the strength to open her eyes, she found Zeus looking down at her, his arm cocked up and resting on his hand. For long quiet moments he just looked at her, his face so expressionless she had no clue what was going on behind those silvery eyes. A wave of self-consciousness and mortification spread within her.

“What?” she asked, her voice raw and defensive. His head tilted, and his mouth cocked up on one side. Why that was becoming sexy to her, she didn’t even want to contemplate.

“You didn’t see what just happened. I did. Saw it, felt it, tasted it.” His hand gripped and squeezed her thigh as if determining its strength. “You came so hard you nearly crushed my skull between your legs. If I wasn’t so hardheaded, I’d be dead.”

She couldn’t help it. She broke out in a fit of laughter as she tried to push his hand away. He only gripped harder, kneading her thigh muscles.

“Go ahead, say it, Sabrina. It’s easy. Just say, ‘Zeus, you are the best fuck I have ever or will ever have.’” He shifted a little closer. “And I haven’t even fucked you proper yet.”

“I’m not saying that.”

“Oh, you will say it.”

“Only in your delusional mind.”

“You’ll say it in both my minds, sane, delusional. Either way, I’ll hear it.”

He shifted his body on top of her, his face suspended above hers as he exhaled air that smelled enticingly of her. She wanted to taste herself on him. She wanted to share in every indecent act imaginable with him. It was terrifying.

Zeus shifted again so the thick length of his shaft was no longer pulsing against her thigh but the mushroom tip pressed a fraction of an inch into her opening.

“You’ll say it,” he gritted out. It almost sounded as if he were mad, but his lips pressed against hers as gentle as a sigh.

She reached up and pressed his mouth more firmly against hers, sending her tongue in search of his control. She wanted to consume him until he felt powerless to do anything but devour her just to free his soul from the temptation of her mouth.

Zeus groaned, low and raw. She knew she’d broken something loose inside him. He reached over to her end table, and moments later, she heard the ripping of foil. Once sheathed, he lowered his body on top of hers, the hardness and weight of his chest pressing her breasts flat, pressing her back more firmly into the mattress. He sucked her tongue into his mouth while using one arm to lift her knee up and out, spreading one thigh wide. He was going to take her, but she wanted to have him trembling and insensate, more insane, and locked in her control before he could.

She angled his head and bit a trail down his neck, pausing in one spot when he gripped the pillow beneath her head and groaned.

She smiled. She’d discovered one of his erogenous zones. She reached down and slid her fingers over the clenched muscles at his back, working down his spine until her fingers reached the seam of his ass. She stroked and kneaded a well-muscled cheek, her pleasure growing as she allowed her sensuality to guide her in pleasuring Zeus.

In this moment he was her hard man to soften. She glided her hand over, then firmly stroked and gripped his sac. A strangled roar filled the room, and she wondered if she’d pushed him too far. Zeus froze above her, muscles in near rigor. In a breath his hips cocked back, surged forward, rammed into her hard and without apology.

Sabrina screamed as her body was lifted off the mattress. She dug her fingers into the bed, struggling to find purchase while her lungs constricted, afraid to take in air for the fear of him surging forward again, pushing all the air from her respiratory system and causing her to asphyxiate.

They were frozen this way for an eternity of heartbeats. Unmoving except for the throb of his penis inside her, the weight of his silver gaze bearing down on her, the contraction of her inner walls trying to ease around the thickness and length of him expanding her so extremely she was riding the edge of pain. It was too much.

He was too much. If he moved, she was terrified he would break something essential inside of her and she’d never be able to have sex with another man again.

Sabrina forced air in and out of her lungs, forced her body to relax as she placed her hands on the sides of Zeus’s hips, slowly pushing them back incrementally. His length pulled halfway out of her, and cool air licked the heated places that were no longer pressed against him.

Slowly, ever so slowly, she pushed farther back, fighting not to groan as her pussy released one ridge of him after another. Just keep going, her mind whispered. He’d be out and she’d roll away before he could slip back in, and she could calmly explain why this would never work with him being as big as he was and her being as tight and out of practice as she was.

With only about two inches of him remaining inside her, she dared to look up. He watched her with intense speculation and then slowly one side of his mouth hitched up. Her eyes widened at the impossible. Instinctively she gripped his hips firmly and attempted to push them back, but it was too late. He plunged into her. Hard.

“Uhhhhh,” she cried out, her back arching from the shock-pleasure-pain of him rooting so forcefully back into her. He pulled both arms over her head, one hand holding her wrists immobile as the other worked its way back down her body. He spread her thighs wider, further exposing her vulnerability. Zeus’s strong fingers found her clit and began to strum.

“You’re not in control here, Sabrina,” he said, his breath hot against her ear. “This is me fucking you.”

He pinned her arms tighter above her head and surged into her again and again, wild, animalistic, making her scream her throat raw for this savage, glorious ride.

She heard herself begging, sobbing, “Please don’t… don’t stop. Please…”

She couldn’t… she needed… she…

She arched, hips moving to his relentless pace. His mouth found her nipple again, and the world fell into darkness, sparkles of light, like embers raining down and detonating in a barrage of orgasms so powerful they nearly separated her consciousness from her body.

She was trying to stay sane when she felt Zeus’s rhythm increase, felt him stiffen and shout, felt his hot seed sear into her inner flesh.

Losing all muscle control, Sabrina drifted. Sated. Warm. Peaceful. Zeus cradled her head in his hands as he licked tears from her face.

“Say it,” he demanded.

She smiled. He was relentless, this unstable demigod who almost felt like he was hers. At least in this moment. She would give herself that. This moment. Sighing, she drifted further into it until she found sleep.

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