BWWM Love Scenes To Keep You Warm At Night – #5

I’m going to be counting down FIVE love scenes from some of the steamiest BWWM romance/erotica novels I’ve read so far. Feel free to let me know if I missed one that needs to be mentioned. I just might not have read it yet…and need to.


So this might be a little #biased, but I’m starting out with Fated by your’s truly, a love scene between Ethan and Alle that is not only steamy, but full of good ol’ fashioned f*ckin’ love.

“I leaned down to kiss her, sensually filling myself with her essence while draining mine in the process. There wasn’t a nook in her mouth my tongue didn’t explore, or an ounce of skin on her body my hands failed to traverse. My head was light, my senses heightened. My nerve endings turned to cinder. The sounds of her moans enchanted me like Sirens, floating me toward her, inside her until our bodies were joined at the hilt.

What I’d assumed were still, shallow waters were dragging me into their perpetual depths.”

I still love me some Ethan.


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