Writing 101 – Welcome to the classroom: Character Development

Quick Tip: Never forget about character development when you’re writing a story. You can’t create a character that’s an entire a$$hole and then make a post on Facebook or IG about removing negative people from your life. Remove them from your story unless they serve a purpose (advancing the plot, growth device, etc). -Love-n-Lit

Julien Meets Ari

#noreleasedateyet She looked away again, hiding another smile. “Wow. You’re like something straight from a romance novel.”   “Charming?”   “Corny…as…hell.”   A laugh, deeper this time, rumbled from the pits of Julien’s stomach. “What do I call you?”   They walked toward her table, her arm secured in his elbow while her opposite handContinue reading “Julien Meets Ari”