Writing 101: Welcome to the Classroom – A Quick Tip in Dialogue

In my editing journey, here is something I have seen often: Jane shrugged and told him, “I can’t go.” She looked at him and said, “I don’t trust you.” He raised his hand and asked, “When it the homework due?” But did you know actions can often stand on their own in dialogue? Dialogue canContinue reading “Writing 101: Welcome to the Classroom – A Quick Tip in Dialogue”

Writing 101 – Welcome to the classroom: Character Development

Quick Tip: Never forget about character development when you’re writing a story. You can’t create a character that’s an entire a$$hole and then make a post on Facebook or IG about removing negative people from your life. Remove them from your story unless they serve a purpose (advancing the plot, growth device, etc). -Love-n-Lit

Julien Meets Ari

#noreleasedateyet She looked away again, hiding another smile. “Wow. You’re like something straight from a romance novel.”   “Charming?”   “Corny…as…hell.”   A laugh, deeper this time, rumbled from the pits of Julien’s stomach. “What do I call you?”   They walked toward her table, her arm secured in his elbow while her opposite handContinue reading “Julien Meets Ari”