K. Alex Walker/Elle Alexander

Long time to speak, but I have been busayyyy.

I’m working on several books. I am running a fast growing publishing company. Our family recently suffered a big loss. It’s one of those unexpected losses that hit you hard, forces you to think about the fragility of life and what you’re doing to maximize the one you have been given.

So, in homage to that family member, I will be releasing three books this year under the pen name: Elle Alexander.

The first one will be a multicultural fiction set in 1977.

– – –

After the acclaim he receives from his Pulitzer-nominated pieces about The Watergate Scandal and the end of The Vietnam War, Benjamin Strickland, head writer for The Daily Newspaper in New York City, assumes that his latest story is exactly what the newspaper wants. However, the paper decides to take a new direction, and it’s a direction Ben is sure he doesn’t want to follow. So, he decides to call it quits, in the middle of the day, knowing the brash decision could possibly leave him blackballed by the entire journalism community.

His decision leads him to Abigail Rossino, a divorced photographer who shows him the image that will change Ben’s life forever as he knows it—a woman with blue hair who lives in the mountains on the Caribbean island of Oyster Key. She is known to the islanders as La Fanesta, the ghost, and legend has it that she was banished to the mountains after it was discovered she’d been born cursed with a deadly, poisonous touch.

Ben, on a whim, follows Abigail to Oyster Key expecting a story about a girl raised in isolation—a major news story about the feral child of the twentieth-century. What he doesn’t count on is that for the first time in his life, he might have found something more important to him than the latest major scoop…a love that he could have never written, even in his wildest headline.

A love that can kill.

With A Kiss, I Die by Elle Alexander coming March 1st 2019

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