The Gift/The Curse

ZachEvans Creative by K. Alex Walker presents:

Is immortality a gift or a curse?

Marcusio is a man first and foremost, who happens to be an immortal. He was sired by Lorean, a vampire whose only desire is to be able to have him, no matter what the cost. He struggles with his immortality, craving death until he meets the one woman who will hold his heart for all of time. Because of his oath to his brotherhood of the secret society known as the Anuket, a society pledged to protect mortals from the vampires, he cannot reveal his true nature to her without putting her into mortal danger as well as his own. Immortality comes with a price.Will his immortality be his gift or curse?

Published by K. Alex Walker

I'm a romance-loving writing junkie whose primary aspiration is to craft stories full-time on my laptop while people-watching at Starbucks, Barnes and Noble, Books-A-Million, and the beach.

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