Coming Thursday, November 15th – Kenya Wright #rerelease #romance #bwwm

I formed my lips into a wicked grin. “Careful, Jay. You have the slut of the year sitting on your lap. You may want to tone down the flirting.”

“Is that what I was doing?”

I refused to answer the question. It would just put me out on the edge, displaying all of my feelings for him. If I said yes or no, he’d have an easy out if he wasn’t flirting. “Are you going to let me get off your lap or what? I doubt Cynthia would appreciate this.”

“She knows we’re close.”

“Not panty watching close.”

He slowly rubbed his lips with one hand and sighed. “Can I sleep in your bed?”

“Why not sleep in hers?”

“She did the whole phone thing again. I told her I was done with her.”

“Yippee. So now you want to sleep in my bed and flood the room with tension.”

“I’m too tired to run all the way to my room, and the last time I slept on the couch here in the lobby, I woke up to five chicks over me, pulling up my shirt and taking pictures. There were all types of pics on Facebook by the end of the day.”

I’d seen them and drooled over a few of the ones showing his bare chest. “You have a real tough life, huh?”

“Yes, but that’s only because I have a stubborn and beautiful best friend that enjoys spending her time with losers.” He picked me up as he rose and carried me to the room.

“Losers?” I lay back in his arms and enjoyed the ride. “Why don’t you pick a guy then and pick him soon? I’m so horny I might hump your leg in the middle of the night.”

“I’d enjoy it. I’m pretty horny myself. Although, if you try to hump me, I’m slipping something inside of you.”

“Yeah right.”

“I wouldn’t test that theory tonight, Evie.”

“You’re not ready for a woman like me. You’re scared, but let’s say you had the balls to slip something inside of me. I would break you. I would make you rethink everything, your life, future, religion—”

He snorted. “I would stop being a Christian because of what’s in your panties?”

“Nope. You would finally know for sure that there is a God. That there’s no question he exists.” I giggled.

“Thank God, you’re beautiful. If you were a guy, you wouldn’t be able to pick up anybody with those lines.”

“Hater. You’re just scared.”

He stopped a few feet before my door and let me down. I turned towards the door. He caught my waist, tugged me his way, and pressed my back into the wall. A neutral expression covered his face like a mask.

“You really think so?”


“You think I’m scared to have sex with you?”

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