How to shop for kids 101

This isn’t a “gift ideas for kids” blog post. It’s more like a, “help me figure out things to buy for kids in 2018 who really don’t go outside all that much and are nothing like I was at 10” kind of blog post.

I’m that aunt–the one who buys socks, sheets, books…the general things children groan about. Fortunately, I have the type of nieces and nephews who don’t gripe about things like that. At least, not to my face…haha…::sweat::

I recently bought a couple of mattresses for my 7 and 10 year old nephews (got a sweet deal on Wayfair) and wanted to get a set of sheets to go along with them.

For children 9 and under, I seem to understand the concept of what to shop for. So for the 7 year old, the message was clear: something Marvel or Fortnite.

But, what do 10 year olds like?

I have a 10 year old niece as well, but she outlines her likes on the daily–science, creative design, event-planning, sports.

Is Captain America still cool to 10 year old boys, or is it just 30 year old aunts?

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