24 hours on #tinder…

I don’t know how you guys do this. I already want to quit. I’m simply looking for good convo and breakfast outings [insert Homer drool here], but even thinking about dating makes me want a sedative. I don’t think I know how men work anymore after being single for coming up on half a decade.

I think I’m one of those people who has to be tricked into a relationship.

Him: “You know how we’ve been going out and talking late into the night, bingeing Netflix and hanging out?”

Me (panicking): “Yes…”

“Are you interested in doing that with anyone else?”


“Me either. Do you like me?”

“Very much so.”


“Does this mean we’re—”

“You’re gonna get all worked up if you say the word so don’t. But yes.”

That’s how I see that going. 😜

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