Dez and Larke are almost here.

The book is in its first round of editing. This is what I’ve been looking for with all the rewrites. It feels so GOOD to be here. I guess, we won’t know until it’s published if I’ve lost my mojo (lol), but I’m still in love with these two. You’ll also notice that more of the men’s backgrounds will be revealed with each book. The plan is to have a culmination book with everyone once all the stories have been told.

* * * * *

Dez was the first to smell the smoke. It had infiltrated his dream of making love to Larke next to a campfire, their sweat-covered bodies gliding against each other, a canopy of trees overhead with just enough space for moonlight to turn her skin to diamonds.

But then, he felt the heat. His eyes opened. Flames chewed through the walls, curling the wood like the edges of burnt paper. Smoke slowly replaced air.

The first man burst through the door, firing his gun into the plumes. Dez lifted a pistol from the headboard and picked him off with a clean shot to the head. Right after, three more entered and he could see more behind them, pushing through the entrance.

He’d found them.

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