Ascension – Yolanda Hatcher

Something lovely, something unique, something romantic. Everything you needed in one novel. From my love, Yolanda Hatcher.


Eleven years of Parker Stevens’ life have sped by, the time moving so slowly, he’d assumed he would be in the mental institution forever for the murders he’d committed when he was fifteen. His days are monotonous and uneventful…until he is released and meets her.

She elicits a feeling in him so strong that a power awakens within his very being. He doesn’t recognize himself or understand why the power ignites whenever he’s around her. Either way, Parker knows he’s in love.

Luna is trapped. She lives with the man who kidnapped her as a child and subsequently raised her. Now, she’s his lover, a role she is forced to portray and to accept. However, it doesn’t stop her from hating his guts.

She remains because she is indebted; she must continue to use herself as payment in order to free her father from captivity. But then she meets Parker, the man’s nephew, and starts to want something…for herself…for once.


Carter turns to me, his green eyes boring into mine. “It was so long ago, little brother. Let’s just focus on the future, okay?”
He smiles and walks down the rest of stairs. At his words, I am overcome with emotion. I smile. A real smile. One that promises a better life. It makes me sick, how hopeful I am. If only I could remember all the details of that day—I take a moment to collect myself and then follow Carter to the living room.

As I round the corner, I hear a female voice laughing. The laugh stops my heart. I didn’t know it then, but it’s the laugh that belongs to the one person who would ever truly own me. Probably more than I own myself.

She’s laughing at one of Carter’s jokes, his arm around her shoulders. They are looking down, laughing together as if they’re best friends. Uncle G lies across a huge couch, his green eyes sparkling as I approach. He eyes me with a smirk, like he has so many secrets, and that I should be so lucky to be invited to be a part of his club. I look at him briefly, enough to see it, but I’m distracted by my feet. I stare at them, afraid to see who belongs to that musical laugh. If I do, it will damn me forever, I know it.

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