Did you guys know “Angels and Assassins 1” went through seven rewrites before publication? I literally got to 55K words and erased everything because I hadn’t hit on Gage and Tayler’s dynamic the way I saw it in my head. There were ten for “The Woman He Wanted.” Both times I wasn’t working, so I was able to give them more of my attention.

I’m now at that place with Dez and Larke. They’re where I want them to be, so I literally can’t stop writing. Dez is surprising me a bit with his development, however. He has me feeling like I’m writing a paranormal. This man…whoa.

Dez takes you more into the world Gage introduced with his groupmates and his reaction to what they do, and having to be entrenched in that world. But he’s developed this weird little place in my heart. You want to run away and hug him at the same time.

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  1. Good evening I was just checking to see when the release date will be for Dez’s story. When I finished I the book The Woman I Want, it had some of Dez’s story in the back of the book.

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    1. Hi Penyinca21, a release date hasn’t been established yet, but I’ll make sure to make an announcement.


  2. Golda Mcphee 06/18/2019 — 8:22 pm

    Waiting for the release date for Mo and Gio

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