Unique fiction…?

pt_blackpanther_characterposter_shuri_155fa2daWith the popularity and success of Black Panther, is it time for writers, especially writers of colour, to forge a new frontier?

We’re conquering the literary scene with IR fiction, urban fantasy, non-fiction, etc, but are we limiting ourselves based on history?

What I would like to see is an influx of a different type of fiction hit the market; I hope to also be a producer and purveyor of a few. I would love to see a unique take on the peerage system, black dukes and duchesses. We also have the ability to create a futuristic/alternate version of Africa, one not drained of resources and pillaged into vastness mended only by time.

Let’s create new worlds, new stories. The possibilities are endless, our talents limitless.

My Kindle awaits.



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