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When my schedule frees up some, I’m thinking about holding writing workshops. I am always looking for ways to improve as a writer, and maybe some of you are doing the same. I would love to share my knowledge of what I already know as a writer, editor, and reader. For instance:

“Thirty minutes later, we finally arrived at his house.”

This doesn’t really do anything for the reader. When it comes to the passage of time, show the reader what was done instead of giving them the exact time frame.

“The sun bore down on the back of my neck. My legs were already tired even though we were just a few minutes in. I’d already dedicated myself to this challenge not only to be healthier for my family, but myself. My weight had ballooned after two children and a bout of depression I’d never seen coming. And now, I was here—sneakers pulling slightly to the side, knees screaming in pain, and heart racing like I’d just spotted my high school crush. But, just before I was sure I’d collapse from overexertion, the familiar red bricks of his single-story home came into view. “

Would this be something you guys would be interested in?

unsplash-logoAaron Burden

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