Gio by Kenya Wright

“Get on all fours, princess.” I licked my lips. “That was only the beginning. I need you.” ⭐NOW LIVE ON AMAZON⭐ Giovanni steals hearts with his music, raising him to the top of Blue-Eyed Soul, and subsequently giving him a playboy reputation. But when his best friend and songwriter’s life ends abruptly through overdose, GiovanniContinue reading “Gio by Kenya Wright”

Gio…by Kenya Wright #newrelease #comingsoon #erotica

Gio grabbed the blanket and gently tugged it away. Slowly, it slipped along and then away from my body. Cool air hit my skin. My nipples stiffened in front of him. “You’re already leaving me in this cold bed. You can’t take my blankets too.” The blanket fell back to the bed, leaving me completelyContinue reading “Gio…by Kenya Wright #newrelease #comingsoon #erotica”