Christmas Plans 2017

It looks like we might actually be getting a semi-cold Christmas in Tampa this year. It wasn’t beginning to look a lot like Christmas. Next year, we plan to celebrate Christmas in ATL at my sister’s place as she’ll be doing her Anesthesiology residency at Emory.

When it comes to my family, I’m usually in charge of events so this Christmas, I’m thinking of doing a pajama breakfast/brunch, opening presents, and then trying out this new game, Pandemic.

What are your Christmas/Holiday plans?


2 thoughts on “Christmas Plans 2017

  1. My daughter and I will be staying at the Embassy Suites/Centennial Olympic Park n Atlanta. Going Through a divorce after 23 years of marriage since my husband is addicted to online dating and sexting but forgot to tell me. I found out when he gave me back a phone I bought for him and forget to put it back to factory setting. God is a woman, y’all. I’ve been sleeping with the enemy.
    P.S…I work at Emory University.
    Merry Christmas, Happy Kwanzaa 2017!

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    1. Cleaning up in 2017 and starting anew. I’m here for it. We have to take care of ourselves, and you’re that inspiration. You will unequivocally come out on top! 😘😘 Alex


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