Blast from the past…2

At home, it was a completely different battle.

Sommer was already at the house when he arrived although she’d said that she was going to be at Lincoln’s mother’s birthday party for at least an extra hour.

She didn’t say anything when he walked through the door. All she did was scoop Olivia out of his arms with a big smile and take her to the kitchen for dinner. Afterwards, she gave Olivia a bath, placed her in her crib, and they read her a bedtime story together before retreating downstairs once she was asleep.

He flopped onto the couch to search for a movie and motioned for her to cuddle up next to him, but she took a seat on the other side.

“Everything okay, babe?” he asked, flipping through the selections.

“I want you inside of me,” she answered.

He was rock hard in an instant. “What?”

“I’m soaking wet and the only way I can think of solving this problem, is to have you inside of me.”

She slipped off her panties and tossed them aside as an uncomfortable bulge began against his zipper. Then she stood, walked over to him, and started fiddling with his belt. He closed his hand over hers, but couldn’t actually bring himself to tell her to stop. This was the difference between Sommer and every other woman in existence. She controlled him. Owned him.

With one avenue shut down, she crawled onto his lap and untied her dress. The tie was the only thing holding it together, so it fell off her shoulders the minute the string was undone. She unhooked the front closure on her bra, releasing her breasts to bob decadently in front of his face, and he licked his lips as she leaned closer until they were barely an inch away from his mouth. Uncontrollably, his hands trailed over her smooth skin to take a mound into each palm, and he ran his fingers over her nipples. His mouth acted of its own free will, and he leaned forward to take the lovely round orb into his mouth. When her soft moan rippled throughout the air, he knew that he was losing.

He flicked one nipple with his tongue while circling his thumb over the other. Her grip on his biceps tightened. He snaked a hand between her legs and the moisture he met on her thighs teased a guttural moan from his throat. She hadn’t been kidding. She was soaking wet and he needed to be surrounded by it.

He slipped one finger inside of her while sucking and licking on her nipple, and used his thumb to play with her clit. She eased up on her thighs and began to ride his finger, and he swelled even thicker when her wetness creamed onto his hands.

There was a war going on between the head still trapped in his jeans, and the one that was slowly becoming fogged as his eyes engulfed more of Sommer’s naked frame. It wouldn’t be right to make love to her while lying to her, at least that was what his brain believed, but it obviously didn’t see what he was seeing—round, perfect breasts, thick, beautiful thighs, racetrack curves, and a heart-shaped ass that made him want to come just thinking about what it looked like slipping into her from behind.

With his hands preoccupied, she’d managed to remove the clasp from his belt, pull down his zipper, and free the uncomfortable bulge. She sucked her finger into her mouth before using the saturated digit to massage his extremely sensitive, spongy head, and then lifted her body. When he felt her snug opening enclose around him, the battle was lost.

He impaled her like her body was a kingdom to be conquered.

He grabbed her by the hips and pumped into her, groaning as her snug wetness readily accepted all of his hard length. She trained her eyes on him and used her muscles to squeeze him with each thrust.  The sight of her breasts bobbing in front of his face made him want to suck one of the glorious globes into his mouth, but even thinking about it was threatening the crash of his orgasm.

“More,” she breathed, grabbing onto his shoulders and bouncing harder. He deepened his strokes and she arched her back and cried out, pushing her breasts closer to his mouth. He dared suckling a pearly bud between his lips, but groaned and nearly came undone when it hardened against his tongue.


“Dammit, baby.”

He effortlessly flipped her over and plunged into her from behind, gripping her hips as he watched himself get lost inside of her. He wished that he could contort his body to bite her beautiful ass with the way it bounced against his frame. No one but this woman could do this to him. No one but this woman would ever feel like this to him.

He grabbed a fistful of her tresses as her wetness slicked all over their bodies. He felt his orgasm tingling, and her muscles tightened, telling him that she was near the edge.

He gave her hair a tug, and milliseconds after he felt her pulsing climax, he could hold out no longer.

Groaning, he burst inside of her body, so hard that he was sure he pulled a muscle somewhere along his shaft. She cried out as her strong tugs let him know that she’d also been sent soaring into a misty nirvana. Goosebumps prickled her skin, and he ran his hands along her back as they both descended from orgasmic bliss.

A few trembling and pulsing spurts later, he reluctantly pulled out of her body and reached out to pull her back against his chest. He wanted to kiss her neck, her temple, her cheeks, her lips. From the way  her skin flushed, thinking about her warm afterglow made him want to take her again. But, she moved just out of his reach.

“Next time you’re with her,” she whispered, “think about if it’s worth giving all of this up.”

Then, she got up and made her way to the bathroom.

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