What are some of your goals (business/personal) for the new year?

What will you achieve in 2018?

A Second Chance Christmas: A collaboration…an excerpt

Unexpected Christmas by K. Alex Walker They sat at the counter and ate in silence. Ty skipped a barstool to keep a respectful distance between them even though he wanted to know how warm she was. He wanted her skin in his palms, her flesh in his grasp. He found it unusual to be takenContinue reading “A Second Chance Christmas: A collaboration…an excerpt”

‘Tis The Season for Second Chances…#Christmaseve

Enchanted Christmas by Emery C. F. Bryant Kennedy Watkins finally decides to take the plunge and chase her dreams, which includes moving to another state to get a fresh start. Unfortunately, what she doesn’t expect is for her aspirations to be upturned by a serious accident, which brings the handsome, yet brooding Zane Reilly intoContinue reading “‘Tis The Season for Second Chances…#Christmaseve”

Blast from the past…

“So, what’s the deal with you and Kyle?” Austin asked once they’d left Yearwood city limits and hit the interstate to head into Wilmington. “What do you mean?” “There was nothing on your face. He just wanted to touch you.” Sommer stretched the muscles in her neck. “I don’t know what his deal is.” “HisContinue reading “Blast from the past…”

ZachEvans Creative – Publishing

I am in a place, that place, where the love of what you’re doing has become visceral—sharing your platform, teaming with other authors, bringing diverse books to readers. I am humbled to be granted this opportunity, and I know she wants me to stop thanking her, so I’ll just sneak it in here that noneContinue reading “ZachEvans Creative – Publishing”