Alter ego…

Beyonce had Sasha Fierce. How many of you find that you become a different person when you write? Maybe even when you read?

I’m still trying to break that barrier. I still blush when writing sex scenes. I will use nearly every word in the book except pussy. It has made an appearance on occasion, but I see it as a personal challenge to get readers hot in different ways.


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2 thoughts on “Alter ego…

  1. Admittedly, I LOVE reading all the naughty words. But, as I am writing this comment, I can’t even type the words. On the other hand, no one knows me so here it goes “pussy” and “cock.” WooHoo! I did it!! Anyway, the sex scenes with those words I’ve read are so dirty, but so fucking sexy!! It’s like all the songs we’ve heard in the 90’s; a lady in the streets, but a freak in sheets. I can totally get with that!!!

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