Is the A&A series too dark?

As I’m reviewing and editing Book 2 (I did mention that it’s in the editing phase, didn’t I? Oh…silly me ::wink::), I’m wondering if the A&A Series is too dark based on what I’ve published in the past. If I’m being honest, I love it and I actually want to get a little bit darker. I would love a little more grit and as I’m reviewing Book 2, I see myself exploring that. So what do you guys think? Did the stalker scenario in Gage and Tayler’s tale make you cringe and say, “No, can’t do it,” or did you like it?

Because…I can’t promise more isn’t coming in this series.

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  1. Karen says:

    I love the series it’s your story I should not sensor your words . If readers think it’s too dark they have a choice to read something else ! Keep up the good work !

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  2. Natasha says:

    It was cringe worthy and it was worth every word! I enjoyed the story line of Tayler and Gage’s story. It added an air of suspense and heightened the action. He showed us the toughness of Tayler and Gage’s intensity to protect his woman! I’ll admit the scenario in “the woman he loved” was different and hard to follow. But I stuck in there because it was jammed packed of excitement. You keep doing you, KAW!!

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  3. Cristal says:

    I like the series the way it is..don’t think it’s too dark.

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  4. Rae Ramses says:

    I don’t think it’s too dark. The first A&A gave me the insight to what a serial killer thinks is normal. Did it give me chills? Yes! Did it make me keep my home phone line? Yes!!! LOL I’m glad you’re in the editing stages of the second book because I check back almost daily to see if it’s in the store. 😉 Eeek!

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  5. Binta says:

    I don’t think it’s too dark at all. I actually think you can go darker. Why not?

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  6. Chris says:

    I didn’t think Angel and Assassin was too dark at all. It had a lot of suspense that kept me engaged the entire time! Gage and Tayler’s romance was well paced. It’s actually one of my favorite stories and I have recommended it to others.

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  7. Brenda J. says:

    { say keep them coming!!!! As a reader you have choices. You have a special way of developing the characters in your stories. I’m looking forward to A&A2.

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  8. zulfa says:

    I loved the series specifically Gage and Taylor’s story. Would like to read more of them. I did not think it was to dark at all. They have got to come now as i have been waiting and checking when its coming!!

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  9. Toya says:

    I thoroughly enjoyed Gage and Taylor’s story and did not mind anything in the book. The book scenes came together and only added to their story. if you want to go dark, I trust that you can bring some grit and grime and make it so that your readers are engrossed in every word that that we ingest. I appreciate your type of writing and cannot wait for the complete A&A 2 be released. Keep up the great work!!!

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