Raiyne by Emery C. F. Bryant

Raiyne Kerns gets what she wants. Whether it’s from her burgeoning business as one of the nation’s most sought-after ad executives, or in her love life, she’s never the woman who aspires to be the neck of the household.

She’s the head. The alpha.

But when Elliot Milton walks into her office seeking her renowned expertise, she immediately feels the spark. Eventually, that spark turns into a full-blown flame and, no matter how much she tries to deny it, her attraction to him begins to surge past the physical. But she didn’t get to her position in her career by being vulnerable. And despite the secrets she keeps hidden deep within her past, Raiyne isn’t sure if she’s willing to relinquish all of her power to the dark eyed, powerful man slowly claiming her body…and her heart.

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