Why I’ve been M.I.A

gone writing

If you’ve noticed I’ve been MIA lately, it’s because I’ve been hunkering down. I’ve created a goal to try to deliver a book every 3 to 6 months; six months for full novels and three for novelettes. The Woman He Wanted came out in December, so I’m trying to hit my goal (at least for completion) in the next month.

I’m always around if you guys need me, however.

(Just gonna slip this right in here)

“Sure was. In the beginning, I was a bit apprehensive of the old, white guy coming into my Howard Law professor’s class trying to talk to me about social justice and the intersection of racism and economic inequity. But the man knew his stuff. I hate to admit it but he schooled me, especially since I grew up in Podunk, Wisconsin. That happened a lot, him schooling me, opening my eyes to certain aspects of the world…by an old white man.”

She laughed but it was empty, so he reached out and took her hand. She smiled up at him.

Two days.

“So, what’s on the docket for today?” she asked, changing the subject and forcing light back into her eyes.

“I thought we could go fishing.” He released her hand. “That way, I can gauge if you’re really ready for the trek down to the harbor. Have you ever fished before?”

“Plenty of times. Wisconsin farm girl, remember?”

“Oh, I forgot,” he exaggerated.

She giggled. “Well, I’m sorry if my no-nonsense business attire seemed to have given you the wrong impression. I’m a tomboy at heart. I love getting dirty.”

And just like that, his mind made a sharp right turn into the gutter. Then again, it wasn’t her fault he found her so attractive. He supposed that could be his next fantasy, Larke covered in mud as she climbed over him. Them being caught in rain that would rinse their bodies clean. His hand pulling down her shirt to expose a juicy, round breast, nipple bobbing right above his lips. His tongue extending to taste, the nipple hard and eager.

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  1. Hi K,

    I’ve put up my VA website, so if you know of any authors that need help, they can check it out. https://www.bookishchick.com/

    I’m also available for less hours. Keep in mind I understand the industry. Last month I earned $700 in passive income from author sales for my pen name, but I’m taking a backstep from writing this year.





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