How Do You Know When You’re Ready to Date Again?

I’ve been single for a while and I’ve enjoyed it. I’ve had trials and tribulations, met some interesting men, but my relationships always seem to blow up like a match tossed on top of gasoline. My 1st relationship–he struggled to be attracted to me. My hair wasn’t long enough, my figure wasn’t right, my skin not light enough. My third–we were just incompatible. He was a nice guy but there was just nothing there. It was hard to accept because I thought that all it took was a nice guy. I didn’t think a guy could be nice, but not for me.

But notice how I skipped number two: a sexy beast with a superhero chest and a propensity toward making me feel safe and secure in his arms. We could talk deep into the night and the attraction was almost palpable. We were friends at base of it, which is what made us so good together, but also made us terrible for one another. We were too close, too honest and when feelings get that strong, they implode.

So…I’ve been single. There are times I’ve been lonely, but I’ve never thought loneliness was a good reason to date.

How do you know when the time is right?

2 thoughts on “How Do You Know When You’re Ready to Date Again?

  1. I think if you want a mate and you’re taking steps to improve yourself (knowing your shortcomings) then the time is right.

    I’ve been married a few years and for some reason, when I was single, I always thought I had to have my shit together and be perfect to attract a good guy. But then friend after friend got married and I realized that they are not perfect. No one is.

    The time is right and you’re ready to date when you find the suitable person who makes you happy.



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