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Jennifer and her husband are one of the cutest couples I’ve ever seen. After having met when they were stationed in Fort Riley, KS, both sharing a military background, life for them has blossomed into two children (ages 14 and 6), and an “ability to laugh and love even through firing bullets.”

What is your favorite thing about your spouse?

“His ability to fit in anywhere,” Jennifer says. “From interactions with Iraqi people to my 95-year-old grandma.”

What kind of support did you receive from family and friends?

“My family is supportive because [my husband] shows that he loves and caters to me. My dad cried the first time he met him but after twenty minutes, he loved him.”

Before meeting your spouse, were you open to a relationship?

“An interracial relationship was not on my radar at all. I’m African so to marry anybody other than an African was unheard of. And for him to be white was a no-no.”

What advice would you give other couples like yourself just starting out?

“Be open-minded and know that as long as you all love each other, what other people think of your relationship is moot.”

Thank you, Jennifer, for sharing this beautiful story with me and I wish you and the hubby nothing but everlasting happiness.

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