How do black women feel about interracial romance novels?

I hear you, venting about what your friends say to you because they found out you read the IR genre. Toting the genre as something more than what it is, judging you as though you hate black men when black women have always been and still are the number one supporters of the black man.


But…do you ever feel guilty about reading the genre? Do you ever get those internal feelings, that incongruence that builds each time you come across a male protagonist with light skin, light hair, and/or light eyes who makes you swoon? Do you ever envision yourself in the middle of a raunchy daydream about Chris Hemsworth, Chris Evans, or Chris Pratt (wait…do I have a Chris thing?) only to snap back to the reality of an Excel spreadsheet that will now take hours to fix?

What I’m asking is…are IR writers doing something taboo, or are we just telling a different kind of love story?

8 thoughts on “How do black women feel about interracial romance novels?

  1. Why did you decide to write in the genre? I write in it because it sells.



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  2. IR relationships have been taboo especially in this country for a while but I think it’s slowly being accepted. It is understandable that some would have issues with it. But just like in real life, nobody can tell you who to love so they can’t tell you what to write or read. No IR authors aren’t doing anything taboo; just telling a different story! Keep telling it!

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  3. I accidently stumbled into this genre of books,, and discovered that I enjoyed it. I have came across a few author’s that I really enjoy and purchase nearly anything that they publish. I don’t limit myself to only their work, but I often frequent their sights check their name on Amazon for new releases of their work!!!

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  4. I truly enjoy a variety of love stories and interracial love stories have become my favorite because as black women we have always been told to stand by our black men and give them our all no matter what when they don’t have a problem with dating or sleeping with who they choose . It’s about time black women know that they are appreciated and looked upon as beautiful . I applaud you girls for your writings keep up the good work !

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  5. I stumbled into the IR genre too. Pretty soon, I was seeking authors and websites that offered a category for interracial books. Most of my friends don’t care what I read. And to a large extent, it’s not about them, it’s about what I want to enjoy. Also, it has helped me see and seek other “live connection” opportunities. I’m attracted to all men who know how to be respectful of me. I believe IR writers are adding to the story of black women, who are the most underrepresented and under appreciated females in all of history. I might get some push back for saying it, but that is my belief.

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  6. If authors can write about paranormal (aliens, bears, felines, werewolves, and vampires ), why can’t there be IR stories? Some IR authors write very compelling realist stories that give hope to black women and show that we can find love beyond the IBM. I once read a blog story and the theme of that story is ‘Love Knows No Color.’ Personally, I like what I like be it chocolate (white, milk, or dark) or caramel. IR writes to me show a different side of love and it comes in all shades.

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