Have readers become less prude?

On occasion, I stumble across books where someone complains that the sex in the book was too explicit. Where the writer uses what some would refer to as “purple prose,” and  the reader warns others of the “smut” they’re about to partake in. When I read reviews like this, I’m usually like…EXPLICIT? WHERE? Have you even read Devil in her Bed? Or anything by Phoenix Daniels? 

I’ll be honest, when I first started writing, even using the word “member” would make my face burn. I grew up in a socially conservative household where good girls just did not use words like that and if they did, they were whores who deserved to be social outcasts. I won’t even get into what toenail painting represented.

But I’ve noticed a shift. I’ve dared, pushed the enveloped a little, and in the meantime I’ve gotten to know my readers. Y’all don’t mind a little dick in your romance (LOL) and I love you for it. Women don’t blanch at this anymore. We’re embracing our ability to be versatile and in the process, I’ve also started learning to appreciate myself. It’s like Jidenna says: “the lady ain’t a tramp, just cause she bounce it up and down like a trampoline.”

Seriously, get his album.

My raunchiest portrayal, I’d say, has been Fated and even that doesn’t compare to something like, “Taste of Lacey.”

I’m proud of you guys. No, really. We can go from reading Americanah to the most elicit smut and still call ourselves sisters, wives, mothers…as we should. We can appreciate the gamut, everything from explicit lit to those a bit more tame, casting judgment aside for a well-written story.

Now, let me get back to Dez. He was saying something to Larke along the lines of: “Come here. Open your towel.”

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3 thoughts on “Have readers become less prude?

  1. my friend calls it “sexy sex” books. I do like my books with some raunch in it but I also like the books when there is some good quality writing. It doesn’t take too long for the couple to get together or when there is an issue between the couple, it’s settled in a reasonable amount of time before the end of the book. My biggest pet peeve about some authors is that the dialogue can be so basic, like adults trying to speak slang. Sometimes, I can’t even finish the first ten pages! I do love reading your books Alex. The characters are developed, the women are strong, independent and gentle and loving when they should be. They are the women who possess brains and can “get it” when the right alpha man comes along.

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  2. Hi Ms. Walker, I understand your dilemma. You as a author want to be politically correct, but I can say it for you F…. them( LOL). Keep doing what you’re doing, and stay true to your art. Your true fans we will continue to ride with you!!!!

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  3. Frankly, if reality TV can say the B word every five word and the N word every two. The Bold and the Beautiful swap spouses and partners every other week, I don’t hear anyone complaining about that. I don’t see the big deal in writing the d, p, and c words. I hate it when I am reading a book and an author does not call a spade a spade. Your books and another who do not bend to the mentality of haters by keeping it real are my Calgon.

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