The Last Book in the Fated (Ethan, Tayler, Kellen) trilogy…

Each book carries a theme of kismet: Fated (Being rooted to someone), Angels and Assassins (Right place, right time) and now..being destined to someone even before birth.

Do you believe in destiny?

Dates three and four had been a Mediterranean dinner and then they’d seen an impromptu matinee movie. Date number five had pounced upon them rather suddenly, and although he’d had to reschedule the boat ride, she was grateful for the time to think about that date five-and-a-half she’d so readily volunteered herself for.

“Do you work tomorrow?” he asked, stroking his thumb along the back of her hand until she could barely concentrate.

“I work in the morning, but I’m off by two.”

“We’ll go on the boat tomorrow.” He pulled her into his body. “We can get dinner after. I took the entire day off so we’ll have no interruptions. It’ll just be the two of us. Sound good?”

“Sounds perfect.”

He smiled, leaned down and kissed her, a tender touch of lips that shouldn’t have stirred so much passion, but did, and he never once looked around to see who might be watching. But Bailey could feel her mother’s familiar glare on her neck.

“I’ll see you tomorrow, Gorgeous,” he said, but when she smiled at him, he gripped his chest. “You’re killing me, B. You really need to stop doing that.”

Alarm filled her body. “Doing what?”

“That thing with your face.” He touched their lips again. “My kryptonite.”

As he walked away, the floor disappeared beneath Bailey’s feet. She watched him until he was gone, after he’d turned around three more times to catch her staring at him, a confident swagger in his walk, and knew she would never let him go. Fate would have to pry him from her cold, dead fingers.


A shiver ran up Bailey’s spine as she faced her mother. “Yes, Alice?”

“We can see him.” That same nurse was back, her hand rubbing Alice’s shoulder this time. “He’s okay. We can see him.”

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