Angels and Assassins 1.5??? Wait, what?

BY  THE WAY…Joel’s novella is very closely linked with Angels and Assassins. It’s kinda like an Angels and Assassins and a half (maybe even a precursor) so I’m trying to decide when would be the best time to push it since after TWHW (and a short break…whoo!), I plan to start Dez’s book. Btw, the A&A series will be Dez, Julien, and Giorgio…in that order.

Joel’s novella is finished because it would have come out with the JWP alpha anthology had I been feeling well at the time. Here’s the working title:

A Fighting Chance

It’s a short, summer romantic suspense between Joel, our FBI Special Agent from A&A and Sydney Donovan, his old flame who is a formerly retired professional boxer.


“So, what now?” Malcolm asked.

He’d been so quiet that she’d forgotten he was there. Everyone except Joel had lost their tongues once the men had entered.

“We move you,” Gage said, the first time he’d spoken since arriving. He had a pronounced Australian accent that made him seem just a bit more human than his silent counterpart. “The place you’re going, it’s secure. It’s one of the locations we use when we need to do business.”

“What kind of business are you in?” Sasha asked, slightly taken with Gage if Sydney wasn’t mistaken.

“Commercial real estate.”

There was something that looked like the start of a devious grin at the corner of his mouth. It was an obvious lie. If a man like that ever walked into a board meeting, half the people in attendance would duck and cover. The only thing they probably invested in was the tacit takedown of powerful men. Strangely, Joel didn’t look that out of place among them.

“When?” Sasha asked.

“Now.” Julien stood and moved to the window. “The car’s here.”

Sydney joined him at the window when she realized that she’d never considered how the men had made it to the house in the first place. On the curb was a black SUV that looked like it was a federal government edition, with tint so dark it looked silver against the sun’s reflection. She became even more surprised when she saw a woman jump out. Nameless had somehow already made his way over to the woman although she wasn’t sure how he’d left the house and made it down the path without any of them noticing.

“Must be Mo,” Julien said, gesturing for them to walk in front of him out of the house while he and Joel tailed. When the woman named Mo saw them, she smiled.

“Hi, I’m Moana,” she said, unfazed by the man standing so close to her that he was almost standing inside of her. “But you can call me, Mo. I’ll be your driver.”

She giggled at her own joke. Sydney instantly liked her.

“You’re back early, Mo.” Julien opened the door so Sydney and Sasha could climb in. “Did Ari and Thandie come back with you?”

“Ari’s his wife,” Joel explained. “Thandie’s their little girl.”

“And what’s Mo to the monster?” Sydney asked.

“I have no idea. His name is Giorgio. He doesn’t say much.”


“Ari and Thandie are still in Australia,” Mo said. “I flew out the minute the baby shower was over. I don’t know what he did, but this one seems to have worked his juju on me because I can’t stand to be away from him either.” She faced him and lifted to her toes. “You hear that? I risked jet lag for you. Remove your spell, warlock. I don’t want you in my dreams.”

He reached down and secured the band in her hair.

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