TWHW: Status update.

The Woman He Wanted is complete!!!

…for the 1st round. Those of you who follow me know that I’m also an editor, so I go through and do several rounds of edits for my books before sending it to the publisher’s editor. I was the most diligent with A&A, and I expect that concentration to detail to only increase.

Editing your own work is a bit trickier than editing someone else’s because you already know your own words, so you have to be extra diligent to ensure you don’t miss what your brain has already filled in. However, I did promise to continue to improve to bring you all better books and that takes time.


After the edits are complete, if we exchanged emails about you being a test reader for Kellen’s book, expect to hear from me soon.

After that, it goes over to Mademoiselle Jessica. I’m going to dig deeper into WordPress to see if I can add a widget that tracks the status of a book, that way you guys can always know what’s going on in my literary world.




2 thoughts on “TWHW: Status update.

  1. I enjoyed your book Fated. Also, I just finished Angels & Assassin. The story kept me riveted. I’m trying to keep myself from chewing my nails down to the quick before your next book is released 😂.n Keep up the great work. FYI, I love everything you have written.

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