I can’t believe I didn’t make a post about this a few weeks ago!


So, before the infamous episode of the Walking Dead which showed our fearsome heroine and badass hero finally getting it on, I wasn’t much of a #richonne shipper (<—I love this word). I loved them together on the show and always felt their chemistry, but I would have never imagined that the writers would actually romantically pair them together. Michonne is such a strong character that I was afraid that if they ever did couple her and Rick, they would also inadvertently weaken that strength. But boy…was I wrong. The episodes these past few weeks (especially the one this past Sunday where they infiltrated Negan’s camp–or one of them as I believe he has multiple locations) have been intense. Rick is still Rick, Michonne is still Michonne. The element of their relationship has only added to that strength. They are a family, and just like I would kicketh the asseth of ANYONE who ever dared to mess with my man (he’s invisible) or kid (they’re invisible too), the initially subdued family dynamic has now exploded and splattered all over the series.

As a BWWM writer, I felt like it was only appropriate that I comment especially since the “haters” have been coming out in droves. I don’t mind if someone disagrees with the connection, but some of the reasons have been downright nasty. For instance, Danai Gurira is a gorgeous woman so I’m not sure what the fluck they’ve been looking at to refer to her as “ugly”. Obviously, Rick thinks other thangs about our nubian beauty.

Also, contrary to popular belief, being a BWWM writer doesn’t mean that you dislike other pairings. It’s just your genre. I LOVE love and though God has shown me that it probably won’t be in the workings for me, I’ll talk about it, write about it, and scream about it until I feel like stopping…

…which is never.



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