Oh no!

So…I have news.

It may take a little longer than anticipated for Joel’s short story to grace you guys’ presence. It’s not a publisher thing and thank goodness, it’s not writer’s block. The will to write is there and I have the plot points…I’ve just been too doggone tired.

I think I mentioned in a previous post that I was dealing with what I thought was writer’s fatigue, but it’s starting to look like this is something different. Something…medical.

Arrgh…not my favorite word.

But, a recent struggle to get from point A to point B in Walmart (of all places) was really eye-opening. Not to mention fatigue so bad after bike-riding that it literally took me several days to recover. This isn’t something a 20-something, childless, and single chica should be dealing with, right?


So, my first appointment looks like we’re pointing at a deficiency and maybe even the bane of my existence…shots. Ask my father why it took 4 – 5 hours for me to get immunized once in elementary school, and why I wasted government resources on the oral polio vaccine by continuously spitting it out once the nurses were FINALLY able to get the vial into my mouth.

I feel the need to add a supervillain-esque, you haven’t seen the last of me! here, but you guys know how much I love to write. Not being able to has been like torture, so as much as I dislike the words medical, doctor, injections, and hospital…I will endure them not only for myself, but for all of you, the lovely readers who keep me going ^_^

– Alex

PS – On the flip side, I happened to discover “The Walking Dead” during all of this down time and girl, let me tell you…Rick is a savage and I love it!

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