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By the way, can I just say how awesome you guys are? Angels and Assassins has accumulated over 100 reviews in a month, and I do look at them and take down any constructive feedback I come across.

I’m just checking in as I haven’t posted in a while. I’ve been working on a few different things that I’ve been giving my full attention (especially since they’re paying my bills lol). I also have something in the works that I think readers will like (especially Angels and Assassins readers). It’s something that I hope will hold you guys over while I work on Kellen’s story.

But for now, back to the grind.

Oh wait? What’s this? An excerpt?!  (unedited)

Her outline behind the flower-patterned vinyl shower curtain trembled like waves of summer heat. She was crouched down low and the back of her head rested against the shiny bathtub spout. When he pulled back the curtain, she let out an ear-piercing scream only to subsequently curse and trap her mouth behind her hands.

One of her eyes was swollen shut and a gash was open right above her eyelid, partially cutting through her brow. Soft strands of hair sat haphazardly atop her right shoulder after being pulled from their roots. There was a cavern splitting her bottom lip into two portions.

He moved to the edge of the tub, fists clenched, and her gaze fell to them as if in anticipation of the next blow that would be delivered to her body. Her face was completely saturated by tears and residual blood from her injuries.

“Where is he?” Joel demanded.

“Jojo, it’s not your—”

“I don’t want to hear it.”

His jaw pulsed when he noticed the degree of difficulty it took for her to speak, and to call him the nickname she’d been using for as long as he could remember that he’d never had the heart to tell her how much he hated.

“Where is he, Syd?”

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