Giveaway – Day SEVEN!! ^_^: Signed Copy of Angels and Assassins

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My love for Gage & Tayler doesn’t take away from my love for Austin & Sommer, but I’m just so in love with them right now. Perri Forrest (Author of Rapture, Destined, Captivated) recently had a post about that—falling in love with your characters. ::sigh:: Funny thing is, I really didn’t consider him to be alpha since he has so many soft spots. It’s kinda like with Ethan.

Maybe it’s the single cat-lady in me, but I like my men like I like my brownies: hard crust & soft interior, blonde, brown, or both, created with heat, and easily devoured.

I can’t wait to gift you guys this one. AHHH!


(Psss…it’s the eve of my birthday)

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