Day 4: October Giveaway – Why do a giveaway?

To enter the contest, click here: October Giveaway

To find out more about the research being done for breast cancer, click here: Breast Cancer Research Foundation

So, why do a giveaway?

I’ll try to make this less than 70K words, lol. However, I have always wanted to write. ALWAYS. Writing has been my saving grace, getting me through some extremely tough times in life. Never in my life did I imagine that I would have a book out there in the world, never mind best-selling books. Then, when you add to that the emails, DMs, etc that I’ve been receiving from readers…I am humbled. As I’ve said before, breast cancer has been something that’s taken its toll on my family, and I wanted to find a way to tie-in my appreciation for my readers + donating to the cause on behalf of my readers (separate from my personal contribution). I hope that I’ve done that goal some justice.

What else is in the bag?

  • Scarf from LittleMooseByLiza
  • Peppermint candles (They’re pink, they smell delicious, and they’re perfectly scented for the upcoming holiday season)
  • Curls lavish curls moisturizer



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