New Interracial Romance: Pain Lived, Love Found 2 by Thalia Lake

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Sarah Paris never had an easy life, but she took those lemons that life gave her and turned them into her special brew of hard knocks liquor. It’s the kind of liquor that never goes down easy and always burns. It matched Sarah’s brash, selfish personality; a personality that didn’t think twice about sleeping with her sister’s boyfriends or using men to get what she wanted. Life was unkind to her, so why not dish it back? Distancing herself from her family, she embarked on a secret life that introduced her to a world that would ultimately crush her.

Roman Mancini is a successful business developer who moved from New York to Detroit to help rebuild the inner city hit hardest by the economic downfall. However, someone behind the scenes is hindering his plans, and when he uncovers who it is, he realizes that it goes deeper than he thought. In the meantime, in the unlikeliest of circumstances, Roman meets a beautiful woman who instantly fascinates, infuriates, and turns him on all at the same time – Sarah Paris. As they get to know each other, they find out that their pasts are intertwined and things become very dangerous for both of them.

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