Oh…hello there.

Hi everyone,

I hope you’re all enjoying Angels and Assassins. I LOVE the feedback I’ve received thus far, so keep it coming. I just wanted to touch base with everyone since I have a pretty major giveaway coming up in the next couple of weeks (more details to come later). As most of the details will be posted here and on my website, I’m trying to get more readers to pop over here so that they’ll have a better chance to enter when that time comes around.

But, as for right now…

I have 7 Kindle copies of Angels and Assassins that I’d like to gift. All you have to do is send an email to kalexwalker@gmail.com that includes your first name, and a message pertaining to the gift so that I know it’s not spam.

0 spots remaining

The first seven emails I receive will be gifted, and then I’ll come back over here to let everyone know when that amount has been fulfilled.

Wait, there’s more!

Know that major giveaway I mentioned earlier? It’s a gift-bag (I’m literally at the mall typing this and looking for items to put in it). I also wanted to include some merch with it (along with other goodies…hmm, there IS a Sephora in this mall), so I had a logo created by the wonderful Hidemi (madeinjapan2015 on fiverr.com). Working with her was literally one of the best business experiences I’ve ever had. The logo’s at the top of this blog post.



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