A Sneak Peek Of What’s Next…

I’m watching you Tayler…

At first, it was just a favor.

This was a woman who’d helped him, a stranger, when he’d sunk to a level that he’d seen coming a mile off. He’d planned to drift through the quaint, endearing, and nauseating little town as he furthered his descent into the clutches of death, but she’d been there. She’d stopped him.

Then, it became something more.

She sees them as annoying letters. Obsessive notes that, like a fad, will eventually die out, but Gage knows all too well what they are. Someone with enough skill to be invisible in a small town was watching Tayler, waiting for the right moment to reel in the prey they’d been hunting for months. Unfortunately for them, Tayler was now more than just the woman who’d helped him; she was now his mission…and Gage had no qualms about resurrecting the skills he’d buried years ago just to keep her safe.

At the end of the day, as long as she was alive, it didn’t matter who had to die.

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