Single or In A Relationship?

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Which has been a better experience for you?

I’m currently at a point in my life where ambivalence is Queen. On one hand, I’m completely happy being single. I’m always reading articles that encourage “dating yourself” and “getting to know yourself,” and I think I’ve mastered it. I’m by myself close to one-hundred percent of the time. But, when the sun goes down, I take a long shower before climbing into bed. I pile on the blankets because my A/C works a bit too efficiently on EVERY temperature. Then, I stretch…and my foot hits that cold spot.

I know that there are advantages to both, but sometimes, something inside me craves the kind of warmth that emanates from a body. From the natural heat of human blood.

Other times, I recall my dating history and my beef jerky heart, not to mention the amount of money I’ve saved on Excedrin, and think…maybe not.

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